Greg Gumbel Calls Out Jets, Jaguars Fans for Encouraging Their Teams to Tank: ‘Idiots’

by Madison Miller

CBS announcer Greg Gumbel took the game with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Chicago Bears a bit seriously.

Bears Versus Jaguars

The game ended in a victory for the Bears 41-17. Earlier this month, the Bears had lost six games in a row. Then the team was on a victory streak with now having three consecutive wins. This win means the Bears are a step closer to making the NFC playoffs.

Quarterback Mitchell Trubinsky accounted for three scores. The Bears’ fate is up in the air depending on the performance against the Green Bay Packers this week.

“With where we’re at right now as a team, it’s definitely different … Green Bay is a hell of a football team and there’s a reason why they’re sitting right now as the No. 1 seed. For us, we’ve got to worry about us,” Chicago coach Matt Nagy told ESPN.

The game was met with a huge amount of Bears fans in the stands. The fans weren’t afraid to make some noise either. The Bears put on a show with 28-straight points in the second half. The cheering was even louder, as Jaguars’ fans cheered on moments by the Bears.

Meanwhile, the Jaguars also set a record during the game. The loss against the Bears marked the team’s 14th consecutive loss. This was a franchise record. However, both Jets and Jaguar fans wanted to see a Bears victory to ensure that they get the overall No.1 pick in the NFL draft.

Greg Gumbel and Rich Gannon Talk Fan Etiquette

However, as Bears fans expressed their excitement, Greg Gumbel continued to get frustrated.

Gumbel said, “And you know these people are kind of getting out of control, Rich, as you take a look at this again… because in New York they were all over the New York Jets for winning a football game.”

Gumbel and his booth partner, Rich Gannon, continued to talk about the issue with tanking for the Jags and Jets.

“I know. It’s crazy though… listen, if you don’t have a quarterback it’s a tough business to be in. You’re better off selling life insurance. People lose their jobs whether you’re a general manager… the Jacksonville Jaguars already fired Dave Caldwell in November, this coaching staff is probably gonna get fired. If you don’t have a quarterback and you don’t win you’re gonna get fired and that’s why there’s an emphasis on trying to get one,” Gannon said.

In response, Gumbel said, “But to get all over a player for going out and doing his best, it’s like, those are idiots who have never played a competitive sport at any level because they don’t understand.”

Greg Gumbel gave fans a hard time for cheering against the Jaguars for putting their best foot forward in the face of team-related issues.

Right now the Jaguars are alongside the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets with the lowest winning percentage in the entire league since 2018.

Mike Glennon was the quarterback for the Jaguars against the Bears. Coach Doug Marrone split between him and Gardner Minshew for the week. One of the team’s best offensive players, James Robinson, is out due to an ankle injury.