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Greg Norman Finally Breaks Silence on THAT Shocking Beach Photo

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

On Sunday, golfing legend Greg Norman finally spoke out about his famous shirtless beach photo that went viral over the holidays.

Norman, 56, had a recent interview with the Herald Sun where he addressed THAT particular Instagram photo. The photo shows Norman walking on a beach shirtless with his dog by his side in Florida. Seems like an innocent enough moment to capture. Leave it to the internet to take it a step further.

Numerous people on social media took a closer look at the photo, and think Norman might have been showing off a bit more than he meant to. Many social media users pointed out a particular bulge in the scenic photo that came from down under. And that’s not a reference to his Australian heritage.

During Sunday’s interview, Norman laughed off the viral moment calling the uproar over the photo “hilarious.”

“I was just out walking my dog and it is what it is,” Norman said with a laugh. “I think some of the comments were hilarious, and I don’t normally read the comments. So it was quite a bit of fun.”

Greg Norman Starring in New Australian Version of ‘Holey Moley’

During Sunday’s interview, Greg Norman also talked about his involvement with his new mini-golf TV show Holey Moley.

Holey Moley is a mini-golf reality game show that first aired in the United States, and is executive produced by NBA superstar Steph Curry. Following the same premise as the original American version, the new Australian series added Norman as the show’s resident golf pro.

The pro golfer even shared that he planned on dressing in a shark costume for the show as an ode to his famous “The Shark” nickname. The specific mini-golf challenge would have had golfers trying to sink their ball in a hole surrounded by water.

The original plan had Norman circling the area dressed in the shark costume. Additionally, the mini-golfers had to jump on his back to cross the water as part of the amusing challenge. However, the golfers kept falling off his back so the show nixed the idea.

“We did some tests and unfortunately my skin is so silky smooth everyone kept slipping off. So we had to go with a fake shark instead. Damn this ageless body!” Norman joked.   

The Australian version of Holey Moley is set to premiere on Feb. 1 on the Seven Network.

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