Greg Norman Posts Another Highly Revealing Photo of Himself

by Josh Lanier

The Shark has returned to its natural habitat recently by posting half nude and revealing selfies to Instagram. Former pro golfer Greg Norman uploaded a cheeky pic recently of himself in the shower.

This isn’t the first time he has laid a thirst trap. Last year, Norman, nicknamed The Shark, uploaded a photo where you could see a clear outline of his *ahem* driver as he walked his dog on the beach. He laughed off some of the comments.

This latest post features Norman showering off at his Florida home nicknamed Tranquillity. His wife Kirsten snapped the shot, the New York Post said. The 13,907-square-foot Jupiter Island palatial estate recently sold for nearly $40 million, the New York Post reported. He said in the caption of the photo he was enjoying the last shower he’d ever take in the home.

He plans to move back to his native Australia.

Fans were split over the post, with most asking him why he thought posting this was a good idea. Others were jealous of his physique despite his age, 66.

“Greg you’re a legend but we don’t need 70-year-old a**es on our phones!” someone commented. “No matter how good you think it is!!”

“Oh Greg. Why,” piped up someone else. “That’s it old mate, I’m done with you and your nudity you think you are 20 you spud. Catch ya,” another person chimed in.

But there were plenty of his 200,000 followers who enjoyed the pictures.

“Still on great shape after 60 plus. #my hero,” someone posted. “I can only dream of being in that kind of shape in 10 years when I am 66,” another posted.

Greg Norman Says It’s Important for Him to Stay Fit

When the first photo emerged last year, once people got past the elephant trunk in the room, most were impressed with how fit Norman was at his age. He looked 30 years younger than his then 65 years.

He explained to Yahoo Sports in 2018 how he keeps trim. He’s a gym rat. Norman says he works out constantly in a massive home gym he built himself.

“I work out a minimum of five days a week, sometimes six days, and always take at least one day off,” Norman says. “I have a full gym at my house, and I built it. It’s got a cardio room, a full weight room, free weights, all that stuff.”

Norman told Yahoo that he takes pride in staying in shape at his advanced age.

“At the end of the day, I do enjoy keeping fit at my age,” he says proudly. “I don’t have any ego about me, but I do love having a fit life.”