Greg Olsen Announces His Son Found Heart Donor Match: ‘A Day We Have Prayed For Has Arrived’

by Will Shepard

Greg Olsen shared some excellent news with his social media followers today. As many will know, he and his wife, Kara Dooley, have been vocal about their son’s struggles.

Their eight-year-old son, TJ, was born with a congenital heart defect. The defect is called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). Prior to being hospitalized with more complications, he had three open-heart surgeries. Sadly, he underwent his first open-heart surgery only a few days after he was born.

Since then, he has been living with a modified heart. Recently, his condition worsened and he was hospitalized again. The Olsen family was informed that open heart surgery was not going to save his life. Instead, TJ would need a heart transplant.

Greg Olsen took to Twitter on June 4, to share his thoughts on the day. He wrote, “Today is a day of mixed emotions. A day we have prayed for has arrived. We were alerted last night that there was a donor match for TJ to receive his heart transplant.”

TJ Olsen is the youngest in his family and has arguably already faced the most adversity of his siblings. The retired NFL player continued talking about finding out that he was going to receive a new heart.

“Walking our little boy, with tears of hope and fear in our eyes, was one of the toughest moments of our lives. We ask for everyone’s prayers for TJ and his amazing team of doctors and nurses.”

Greg Olsen Shared an Encouraging Update on His Son’s Heart Condition

Greg Olsen continued putting pen to paper. There is certainly a lot of emotion in writing this down for people to read.

“TJ has a long road ahead of him, but today is a huge step forward. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for the outpouring of support through this entire journey.”

The former NFL tight end also said that his son has been a “fighter since birth.” That came last month when the Olsen’s found out that TJ would likely need a heart transplant.

In the meantime, the family has been keeping TJ’s baseball skills up to par. The football player shared a video of him and his son playing catch.

Olsen also wrote that his son is now in surgery and asked for continued prayer.

This harrowing story, which will hopefully end in success and triumph, is a great reminder to everyone to consider being an organ donor. While there is a ton of literature on why to become a donor, Greg Olsen and his family have first-hand knowledge on the subject. For TJ and his family, an organ donor will hopefully save his life. Not only is it selfless, but it is also heroic.