WATCH: Grown Man at MLB All-Star Game Elbows Kids Trying to Secure Autographs

by Dustin Schutte

When you attend a sporting event and see a long line waiting for a player’s autograph, it’s usually a group of children. Getting a signed jersey, ball, cap or poster can be one of the most thrilling moments in a kid’s life. But one grown man at this year’s MLB All-Star Game proved it’s not always about the young fans.

One big baseball fan is going viral because of his actions at this year’s All-Star Game. He showed some ruthless behavior while hoping to secure autographs from some of the game’s biggest stars. If it meant taking out some kids to get his baseball sign — well, damnit — that’s what it means.

Below is a video of the man from this week’s MLB All-Star Game. As you can see, he has no problem squeezing his arm to the front of the gate, appearing to bump some kids out of the way in the process. He even seems to nudge his elbow a bit in disgust at one point.

They say “fan” is short for “fanatic.” A new phrase might need to be created for this guy.

It’s not uncommon for adults to indulge in an autograph session. Not many think twice about it. But if you’re going viral for pushing kids out of the way for a signature? That’s probably pushing the envelope a little too far. No — it’s definitely pushing the envelope too far.

MLB All-Star Game Also Saw Fireworks in the Stands

The MLB All-Star Game is supposed to be dedicated to showcasing the best talent in baseball. Unfortunately, this year’s event at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles is getting a reputation for something else.

Not only did a grown man elbow some kids in an effort to land an autograph, a massive brawl erupted in the bleachers during the Home Run Derby. Tempers flared for some reason or another, resulting in fists being thrown.

Unfortunately, some women and children had to move out of the way quickly to avoid any punches. It’s an unfortunate circumstance for what’s supposed to be a fun event.

Fans paid to see some of the game’s top sluggers hit dingers, not watch too loose-cannon men throw haymakers.