Guy Fieri Declares ‘Suns in 7’ in Photo with Son from Recent NBA Playoffs Appearance

by Quentin Blount

It might finally be time to officially declare Guy Fieri a Phoenix Suns fan. The Food Network star took to social media on Tuesday before Game 6 of the NBA Finals to say that he believes the Suns will take the next two games and win the series.

One of television’s most famous celebrity chefs, Guy Fieri has actually attended quite a few Phoenix Suns games during their impressive run to the NBA Finals. And he believes that his favorite team will rally from behind to win it all.

After winning the first two games on their home floor, Phoenix looked like they might run away with the NBA championship. But the Milwaukee Bucks have been resilient all year, and have been once again in the finals. They have won the last three games to take a 3-2 series lead over the Suns. That means that the Suns will have to win the next two games to win the finals. It would be their first NBA championship win ever if they could pull it off.

And Guy Fieri believes they can do it. He has been attending Suns games as a reward to his son Ryder. The father-son-duo was even able to get up some shots on the Suns’ home court after the conclusion of Game 2. And on Tuesday, the self-proclaimed Mayor of Flavortown posted a photo of him and his son courtside.

“Suns in 7,” Fieri declared alongside the photo.

Guy Fieri Fans Split Over His Apparent Phoenix Suns Fandom

At this point, we may want to officially label Guy Fieri as a diehard Phoenix Suns fan. After all, there are few celebrities — or even fans in general — who have shown as much support to the team as he has. He was first spotted at a game back in Game 1 of the conference finals. That was a game between the Suns and the Denver Nuggets.

But fans of the Food Network star aren’t quite as sold on the Arizona basketball team as he is. In fact, most of his followers replied to his tweet saying that they are choosing the Milwaukee Bucks to win it all.

“Sorry Guy Fieri,” one fan began. “Love watching you on television but I have to go with the Milwaukee Bucks.”

“You’re gonna be rolling out right back to flavor town tonight after the bucks win the chip,” another fan commented.

However, there were at least a few Suns fans out there who haven’t given up all hope. One of them replied saying, “I could really go for Suns winning in the 7th and a burger from Guy’s Burger Joint on a Carnival Cruise.”

Suns fans sure hope that Guy Fieri’s prediction can help give the team the boost they need to overcome three straight losses.