Happy Birthday John Cena: Celebrating the WWE Champ Turned Hollywood Superstar’s Best Moments

by Joe Rutland

John Cena, the former WWE pro wrestling champ who’s now putting his energy into a movie career, celebrated his 44th birthday on Friday.

Because he’s known around the world in two different arenas, if you will, let’s take a look at some of his best moments. These will involve John Cena’s work in the ring and on the big screen. A lot of his top moments, though, aren’t seen publicly.

Cena has the record for most wishes granted in the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s history. He’s given his time and gifts toward those fans who are in the middle of a terminal illness. This could top any list of Cena’s highlights in his career and life, too. At the time, Cena has granted more than 650 wishes.

But we’re going to get the birthday party started with one of the most iconic pro wrestling matches between two of WWE’s biggest stars.

John Cena vs. The Rock at WrestleMania 29

When this match was put together, Cena was still an active member of the WWE roster. He challenged Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to meet him in Rock’s hometown of Miami, Fla.

Matches like this one usually go through a number of weeks where a buildup takes place. Both men fire promos at one another, maybe even almost coming to blows in the ring. Johnson happened to be busy in his own film work, so the usual time to build this clash up properly didn’t take place.

In the few weeks left before WrestleMania XXVIII, Cena and The Rock did have moments where they got down to business. At the match itself, Cena lost to The Rock. Real-life reared its head, though, as Johnson ended up tearing his adductor and the top of his quad off his pelvis in the match. He kept on to the finish. This was a match for the ages, though, as both Cena and The Rock represented different WWE eras.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s that match held at Sun Life Stadium in Miami.

John Cena Captures 2008 Royal Rumble Title

This is one of WWE’s premier yearly events, right along with WrestleMania. But the Royal Rumble, a modified battle royale-style of wrestling match, is always an important turning point for storylines each year.

Cena, entering this Royal Rumble, had been out of action due to an injury. He ruptured his pec muscle and was supposed to miss between seven months to a year.

Four months after the injury, though, Cena returned triumphantly. He battled the other WWE stars on that night, coming out on top in a moment that belongs among his best. The Royal Rumble this year took place at Madison Square Garden in New York City, a longtime home for WWE matches.

Take a look at Cena entering the Rumble at the No. 30 spot, the final spot, and shocking the WWE world.

Cena Captures First WWE Title At WrestleMania 20

Now John Cena entered this match at WrestleMania 20 against The Big Show during a transition period.

He’d been in the “Doctor of Thuganomics” character mode since making the WWE main roster. Part of that remained with Cena entering his match with Big Show, but the one thing he’d never done is win a major title.

Big Show, whose real name is Paul Wight and now is with AEW, was the United States champion. That title, though, would soon change hands as this match is one of Cena’s best moments.

Take a look at Cena and Big Show squaring off for the United States championship on March 14, 2004.

Cena Takes Movie Career To New Level In ‘Blockers’

Let’s take a moment and highlight one of John Cena’s 10 movies. It might be hard for pro wrestling fans to believe he’s done that many films. Yet he has and probably one of his best is called “Blockers.”

In the film, Cena plays an overly protective father who doesn’t want his daughter to lose her virginity at the prom. Cena takes on the part with full gusto, showing an emotional range that other roles haven’t given him the opportunity to do so.

The 2018 film is one of the best films in Cena’s movie career. Here’s a clip from “Blockers” with Cena in the middle of the action.

Well, these are just some of the top moments in John Cena’s career in the ring and beyond.

Outsider wishes the champ a very happy 44th birthday, hoping there are many more to come.