Happy Birthday Lamar Jackson: 5 Electrifying Plays from Baltimore Ravens Star

by Will Shepard

Lamar Jackson’s 24 years old today. His career resume, as young as it is, is impressive, to say the least. Jackson was drafted number 32nd overall in the 2018 NFL draft. Before the draft, many thought the versatile QB would have to consider other positions. But, the Ravens decided to bet on his ability to play quarterback.

His career has been anything but a mediocre running back. Instead, he has become a prolific NFL quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens.

In 2019, Jackson’s sophomore season, he was the NFL’s Most Valuable Player. This is also just the fourth time an African-American quarterback was named MVP. In his first three seasons, he has been absolutely stellar. In fact, he is one of only two people in the NFL with at least a 100 passer rating, 7,000 pass yds, and less than 20 interceptions.

So, let’s take a look back at five of Jackson’s most electrifying plays over his career. As always, these plays are up for debate, but nonetheless, they are absolutely insane. These plays are in no particular order.

5 Electrifying Plays From Lamar Jackson

Ravens vs. Browns: December 14, 2020

With time expiring in the fourth quarter, the Ravens are down by one point, so Jackson goes to work. He scrambles to his left as the pocket collapses. But, he finds a wide-open Marquise Brown in the middle of the field for a 44-yard touchdown. Forty seconds later, the Browns would score. But Jackson and the Ravens battle back to win the game with no time left on the clock.

Ravens vs. Bengals: November 10, 2019

From half field with just over half of the third quarter left, Lamar Jackson puts the team on his back. He finds a hole in the defensive line and takes off to the end zone. However, there are a couple of Bengals defenders still trying to tackle him.

So, with a move that will forever be attached to his name, he broke two sets of ankles. A crazy spin move and he is off to the end zone.

Ravens vs. Dolphins: September 8, 2019

The Ravens are already up by 14 points on the Miami Dolphins, but this is MVP Lamar Jackson. He is standing at his own ten-yard line as he surveys his receivers. Then, with bare a step forward to aid his throw, he lofts a pass 45 yards in the air to a streaking Marquise Brown.

Brown easily jogs into the end zone for an 83-yard score. Not bad for a running back.

Ravens vs. Washington: October 4, 2020

Early in the 2020 season, Lamar Jackson decided to show off his already-famous speed. However, just ten minutes into the second quarter, he took off through the Washington secondary for a 50-yard touchdown.

Jackson’s ability to read a defense, react, and create a play is almost unparalleled in the NFL today. This running touchdown is also a prime example of that.

Ravens vs. Chiefs: September 22, 2019

Finally, in an early-season battle against Patrick Mahomes, Jackson shows off his legs once again. The Ravens are at the 9-yard line, with just over two minutes left in the fourth quarter, down by 11 points.

The Chiefs defense reads the play well, but Jackson scrambles. He runs out to his right and turns the corner avoiding one tackle. A second Chiefs defender tries to tackle him, but he comes to a dead stop and the defender goes flying by. Then, he puts on a beautiful spin move from the 2-yard line and reaches into the end zone to make it 28-33.