Happy Birthday, Tom Brady: Buccaneers, Seven-Time Super Bowl Champion Quarterback Turns 45 Today

by Patrick Norton

Happy birthday, Tom Brady! The greatest quarterback of all time turns 45 today. And while business is booming for the youngster, we should consider ourselves lucky that Brady still plays at an elite level. Leading the NFL in passing yards – both all-time and last season – there isn’t much to gift the man with everything. But we can certainly try.

Think of any positive quarterbacking record. Tom Brady probably holds it. The quarterback’s seven Super Bowl titles, 10 big game appearances and 35 playoff wins all rank at the top. TB12 also sits atop the list for completions, passing yards and touchdowns – both in the regular and post seasons.

With every award and accolade imaginable, most might hang up their cleats before 45. This includes Brady, who retired following an NFC Divisional Game loss to the eventual champion Los Angeles Rams. But something pulled the quarterback back to Tampa. Tom Brady coming back for more means we can’t close the history books just yet.

But what is the quarterback after? What can the NFL’s poster grandpa possibly want in his career that he hasn’t already achieved? The only records Tom Brady can break in 2022 are his own – except one. His loyal knight in shining tanning lotion – Rob Gronkowski – refuses to play football again. However, if the adversity Brady could face in 2022 proves one thing, it’s the quarterback’s undying love for the game.

Maybe chasing Peyton Manning’s record of five NFL MVP trophies keeps the competitor awake at night. But without last season’s award, Brady would need two more seasons. And while we should never count out Touchdown Tommy, even the 45-year-old lacks a certain confidence his career clock has enough time remaining.

At 46, 47, 48 … What’s Next for the Storied Life of Tom Brady?

Brady’s unquestionable healthy lifestyle keeps the motor running. His pocket awareness and ability to collapse before taking a big hit keeps his bones strong. But the quarterback wants to go out on top – like Manning and John Elway. A Super Bowl favorite last season, it’s impossible to imagine Brady staying if he didn’t believe in himself.

As the league’s leader in yards and touchdowns a season ago, nobody thinks the skillset is deteriorating either. At the age of 44, only Tom Brady’s retirement could serve as a shock. But that’s exactly how it played out. However, upon the quarterback’s return just one month later, the league got its greatest competitor back.

And while Brady’s focus remains solely on the upcoming season, our minds wander toward thoughts of a post-Brady football league. While the NFL seems in good hands with the state of quarterbacks, it just won’t feel the same when a rookie QB opposes Brady and the stat flashes that the player was born after Brady’s 2000 NFL Draft.

Thankfully, FOX Sports has a plan. Following the departure of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman for ESPN‘s Monday Night Football booth, the network started scheming. FOX’s planning landed a monstrous contract for Brady once he leaves the gridiron for good, pairing with Kevin Burkhardt in the networks new No. 1 booth.

Even though the greatest quarterback of all time might be calling it a career soon, he’ll still grace our television screens every Sunday for at least 10 years. So celebrate the illustrious life and career of Tom Brady today, pour your favorite whiskey and relax with an unreal highlight reel.