Happy Birthday Tom Brady: Celebrating the Seven-Time Super Bowl Champions’ Iconic Career

by Thad Mitchell

Tom Brady, otherwise known as the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All-Time), is celebrating 44 years here on earth today (Tuesday).

Largely considered to be the greatest football player to ever step on a field, Tom Brady is getting a day off from practice. To wish his star quarterback a happy birthday, Tampa Bay Buccaneer head coach is letting Brady skip out of practice. The guess here is that it took some convincing to get Brady away from the practice field today. At 44-years-old Brady is still incredibly passionate about the game of football and his team. A winner through and through, Brady has often remarked how important team practices are. But with a golden Hall of Fame Jacket in his future, Tom Brady has earned his birthday day off.

“It’s amazing the fire that burns in him to do this,” Arians says. “We’ll throw him a bone and give him a day off.”

Tom Brady’s competitive fire is unmatched in the wide world of sports. Most 44-year-old NFL players are retired NFL players who are enjoying their golden years. That won’t do it for Tom Brady, who insists he has at least one more season in him and perhaps even more. In true Brady fashion, he reportedly showed up and dressed out for practice today, but will be held out of drills and teamwork. He is likely to get some throws in and probably some stretching but he certainly won’t be getting tackled.

Tom Brady Earns a Day Off From Practice

Just how rare is Tom Brady’s soon-to-be accomplished feat? It is very rare, to say the least. Upon his first throw of the 2021 NFL season, he will become just the fifth player to attempt a pass at the age of 44 and above. Other players in this category include Warren Moon, Vinnie Testaverde and George Blanda. It is simply a remarkable achievement and we are all witnesses to his historic greatness.

It also isn’t as if he’s lost a step. Tom Brady is coming off one of his best seasons as a professional football player. Just a few months ago, Brady led the Bucs to a Super Bowl Championship and earned MVP honors for his effort. During the big game, he tossed three touchdowns, including two to his longtime favorite target Rob Gronkowski.

Making his 2020 season even more miraculous is that Tom Brady did all of this on a new team and with a deadly pandemic threatening every aspect of life. Brady is known for his calm demeanor and laser-like focus and it really showed last season.

Tom Brady momentarily lost his composure at Bucs’ practice yesterday (Monday). He reportedly threw a temper tantrum that included some choice words for his teammates and slammed his helmet in dismay.

The incident just goes to show that even though he is now 44, the fire still burns inside of Tom Brady.