Harris English Flexes on ‘College GameDay’ Crowd in Legendary Fashion with the Ryder Cup

by Leanne Stahulak

Pro golfer Harris English joined the College GameDay hosts as this week’s guest picker, just after winning the Ryder Cup with Team USA.

English and the College GameDay crew set up in Athens, Georgia, as the No. 2 Dawgs battled the No 8. Arkansas Razorbacks. The pro-golfer graduated from UGA in 2011, making his pick for the game easy. Coach Lee Corso, another Dawgs fan, also picked Georgia for the win. All the rest of the hosts did as well, citing Georgia’s incredible defense.

In terms of today’s other match-ups, English went with Wisconsin over Michigan and Texas over TCU. He also chose No. 3 Oregon over Stanford and LSU over Auburn. The hosts and guest pickers split over the Cincinnati vs. Notre Dame game and Kentucky vs. Florida game. English ultimately chose Notre Dame and Kentucky.

But the highlight of the pro golfer’s appearance on College GameDay was his incredible flex for the fans. At one point, English pulled out the ACTUAL Ryder Cup from a bag and hoisted it up in front of a crowd of fans. They cheered and soon started chanting, “USA! USA!”

Team USA’s victory at the Ryder Cup was a pretty big deal. This is only the third time Europe has lost in the last 12 tournaments. English and the rest of the Team USA members should proud of their victory.

Fans at College GameDay got to be a part of that victory too when they saw English with the Ryder Cup. Hopefully, it stays with Team USA during their next Ryder Cup tournament in Rome, Italy, in 2023.

College GameDay Host Lee Corso Pulls Out Ultimate Headgear for the Georgia vs. Arkansas Game

At this point, everyone knows that College GameDay host Coach Lee Corso is a huge Georgia Dawgs fan. But he never fails to express his love for the team on every possible occasion.

Right before the game started, Corso cast his pick for the game just like every other host on the show. But he gave a special shoutout to one particular Dawg when announcing his pick.

“Uga, did you know your offensive line in the last three games is averaging 52 points a game?” Corso asked. “Uga, did you know your team’s defense is the No. 1 scoring defense in America? I’m going with Uga’s team.”

And who is this Uga? None other than the team mascot for the Georgia Dawgs, an adorable bulldog who goes by the school’s initials. You can see Uga for yourself in the tweet below, with all the College GameDay hosts cheering him on.

And of course, Corso had to pull out his iconic Georgia Dawgs headgear to complete the moment. His princess wave at the end of the video is everything.