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Heartbreaking Mistake: Division III Quarterback Kneels Instead of Spiking Ball

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

A Division III quarterback in Wisconsin had his team on the cusp of winning Saturday, but a heartbreaking mistake of spiking the ball cost his team the game.

Senior quarterback Colin Schuetz had Wisconsin-Platteville in position to defeat Wisconsin La Crosse this Saturday afternoon with nine seconds left.

But instead of spiking the ball to stop the clock and set up a field goal, Schuetz kneeled. The Spun reported that it was too late after realizing his mistake, and everyone lined up on scrimmage for the next snap. The clock ran out, and the final whistle sounded.

Wisconsin La Crosse walked out with a 24-23 victory.

I would insert some pro football kneeling joke here, but the poor guy’s probably isn’t going to live this down for some time. 

Because this is Division III football, who knows the social media fallout will linger like a black cloud over the team. The quarterback’s Twitter and Facebook accounts aren’t active, but his harassers found him on Instagram. The guy has only one post there.

It makes me think of last year’s Marco Wilson boneheaded play. The Florida defensive back and his teammates stopped LSU and likely forced a fourth-down punting situation. Wilson threw an LSU player’s shoe downfield and got an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The Tigers kept the ball and won, 37-34. 

The decision possibly cost the Gators a win and a shot at the playoffs. 

In college basketball, this is equivalent to a Chris Webber moment. The Michigan player famously called a timeout in the 1993 NCAA championship when Michigan had no remaining ones left. The decision resulted in a technical foul, clinching the win and title for North Carolina.

Senior Quarterback Had Quite A Day

Up until the final seconds, Schuetz was having a helluva day, folks.

Schuetz threw for 463 yards passing and two touchdowns. Granted, he had three interceptions, but he had his Pioneers team in a position to win with some big plays.

Then, the boneheaded play happened.

The broadcast team went bonkers. 

“What did he just do? He just took a knee,” the announcer said. “He completely had a brain fart on that one.”

Soon, Schuetz was swimming in frustration. His team could only hang their heads while walking off the field.

The Twitter scene found a video of the moment and swarmed to it like flies on poo.

One Twitter guy even froze the play with a second left and showed the desperate quarterback connecting the ball with turf. Don’t you wish the coach could challenge that ref for a better game result? And if you were betting on the game, now what? You’d be crying hours afterward.

Schuetz and Wisconsin-Platteville will try to bounce back from this crushing loss next Saturday against Wisconsin-Stevens Point