WATCH: Heartwarming Video Shows Greg Olsen’s Son TJ Telling Siblings about Heart Transplant

by Halle Ames

If you are hoping to brighten your day, look no further. This heartwarming video shows the moment Greg Olsen’s son TJ told his sibling he was getting a heart transplant. 

Feel free to grab a tissue now. 

If you haven’t been following Greg Olsen’s son TJ’s story, we will fill you in. 

Greg Olsen Asks For a Miracle

Former NFL tight end Greg Olsen and his wife Kara Dooley have struggled with their eight-year-old son TJ’s heart condition, which has progressively gotten worse. The defect is called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) and has required TJ to already undergo three open-heart surgeries by the time he was three years old for the issue.

He has had a modified heart virtually his whole life, but the condition took a turn for the worse. TJ was dying, and without a donor heart, he wouldn’t survive much longer. Greg Olsen and his family were praying for a miracle when one came his way.

On June 4, Greg Olsen took to social media to share the exciting news. TJ had received a donor match and would be receiving a heart transplant. His medical team at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina, had the world’s eyes on them as they tried to save the young boy’s life. 

They were successful. 

On Monday, Greg Olsen posted a video of his brave son from his hospital bed after undergoing the strenuous surgery.

“Hi everybody, thank you for thinking of me,” says TJ Olsen. “Thank you for praying with me. Congrats, all of you have gotten a win! We love you guys! Bye!”

TJ Shares Emotional News With Siblings

And now another video has come forward from Greg Olsen. A video of the moment the proud little eight-year-old boy found out he would get a chance to grow up. TJ tells his eight-year-old sister Talbot and his ten-year-old brother Tate about the donor heart in the emotional clip. 

“You know how I needed a heart transplant, and they’ve been trying to find one?” asks TJ to his siblings. “Today, this morning, we found one.” 

Tate throws his arms in the air as Talbot’s jaw drops open, and she also raises her arms. 

They begin to cheer and scream “YES” and “let’s go!” for their brother. They run up to TJ and hug him, asking when the surgery was going to happen. TJ excitedly informs them it will happen the following morning. 

Yep, we are shamelessly crying. 

We are so happy for Greg Olsen, TJ, and the whole Olsen family! We would also like to thank the donor family for their selfless and invaluable gift.