Herschel Walker Calls for Prosecution of Anyone ‘Manipulating This Election’

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Earlier today, Georgia football legend and NFL star Herschel Walker took to Twitter to voice his concerns about manipulating the election. In the tweet, he suggested that “anyone manipulating this election should be prosecuted.” Walker has been avid in his political support for President Trump, especially leading up to the election.

Voter fraud has been a large part of President Trump’s push-back against mail-in ballots. While the veracity of the evidence to validate these claims is up for debate, many have brought it to attention. The mail-in ballot system also plays a large role in the timing of election results. Because a record amount of voters chose this method, the results will take longer to calculate.

Following the 2016 Presidential election, the FBI conducted several investigations surrounding the manipulation of the election. Most of the investigations surrounded Russia’s involvement in the election. President Trump was ultimately impeached as a result of this investigation but was never removed from office.

Ahead of the 2020 election, Presidential Candidate Joe Biden also fell into an investigation surrounding election interference. This scandal involved a laptop that belonged to Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son. This was ultimately disproved.

Herschel Walker Political Activity

Walker has been supportive of Trump throughout his presidency and has been especially active leading up to the election. The former Dallas Cowboys running back continues to endorse President Trump on Twitter and social media. In a tweet last week, Walker stated “we need a president that works 24/7 for the American people.” In the accompanying video, he explained that “Donald Trump can give you twenty-four hours.”

Earlier this week, Herschel Walker released a Pro-Trump pre-election video. His message was “faith over fear,” criticizing Joe Biden’s desire to enter another lockdown. Walker also tagged several public figures and news sources in the tweet. Yesterday, Walker pushed back against Representative Maxine Waters for inciting violence and living in a million-dollar home.