WATCH: High School Baseball Player in Japan Lives Up to the Term ‘Switch Hitter’

by Dustin Schutte

A high school baseball player in Japan is living up to the term “switch hitter.” He might just be taking it to an entirely new level, too.

Over the weekend, Jomboy Media posted a video of a high school baseball player in Japan who can bat from either side of the plate. But to make life more confusing and difficult on opposing pitchers, he doesn’t change sides for each at-bat. No, he alters batters boxes after each pitch.

Just watching one at-bat is mesmerizing. Here’s a look at the video, which is captivating plenty of individuals across Twitter.

That has to be infuriating for a pitcher and almost impossible to get into any sort of rhythm. But for the hitter? What an incredible weapon while at the plate.

It’s one of the more bizarre batting trends in baseball. But, hey, if it helps him gets on base, who cares how strange it is?

Here’s More of Baseball’s Unconventional Ways …

A Minor League Baseball team went viral recently when it lined up its mascot against Green Bay Packers running back A.J. Dillon. As you might guess, it didn’t go well for the mascot.

Elvis — the giant fish mascot for the Kenosha Kingfish — agreed to take part in a football drill against Dillon. The NFL running back didn’t hold back, either. When it was time to go, Dillon plowed through the mascot, sending his giant head flying through the air.

The individual inside the mascot costume went flying, too.

The mascot probably needed some ibuprofen to recover from that encounter. Who thought that was a good idea, anyway?

Baseball can be a fun, weird and unique sport. Whether it’s watching a high school player alter sides of the plate between pitches or seeing a mascot get steamrolled by an NFL running back, there’s a little something for everyone.