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High School Quarterback Vomits on Football Right Before Throwing Game-Winning Touchdown: VIDEO

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images

It’s like something out of the “The Benchwarmers” movie from 2006.

Instead of baseball, however, a high school quarterback had a pretty movie-like experience while he was throwing the last pass of the game. It was equal parts epic and disgusting.

Quarterback and Epic Last Throw

A high school quarterback from Hamilton High School had one minute left on the clock for the game. The team was also in the midst of a 17-point comeback. The ball snapped back to him, he took a few steps back, and puke immediately spilled out of his mouth in a watery stream straight onto the football.

He completely ignored it as if it wasn’t happening and looked around for someone that was open to pass the ball to. He completed the pass and the football can be seen spiraling through the air with drops of throwup trickling off.

The other high school player was a real trooper for catching that ball. Sportscenter shared the clip on their Twitter account.

It was an epic night for the high school football team. Hopefully not too epic for the quarterback, however, as he seems to be having a bit of a rough time as it is.

Recently, Bishop Sycamore High School tricked ESPN. It was a very different moment for high school football coverage.

The alleged “fake” high school from Columbus, Ohio tricked ESPN into airing one of its games. Since then, the team has continued to grab global attention from controversies like age concerns, arrests, and the actual origin of the school.

The high school team beat IMG Academy 58-0. IMG is a team that starts major NFL careers. Broadcasters that night wondered why IMG was even on the field with Bishop Sycamore. Suddenly, everyone wondered if it is a real school or elite football program. The head coach has been fired and the governor ordered an investigation.

As it turns out, the school is not real and none of the players are committed to elite future programs, which is what they originally told broadcasters.

Now, Hollywood is scooping up the surreal story. According to Deadline, Kevin Hart and his HartBeat Productions will team up with Klutch Sports Group CEO-Founder, Rich Paul. He is also LeBron James’ agent and the head of UTA Sports. They have exclusive interviews with players and coaches and are looking to create a scripted adaptation of the entire situation.

“We understand how to break down stories and capture the most interesting and honest moments in a narrative. We know this con comes with a robust backstory and cannot wait to share it with the world,” Hart said.