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WATCH: Hockey Goalie Fight Ignites Entire Arena

by Nick Kosko
(Fort Wayne Komets)

Hockey fights were basically phased out, but still pop up on occasion. But what you don’t see often is a goalie fight to ignite the entire arena.

That’s what happened with one ECHL game out in Fort Wayne (Ind.). Wheeling Nailers goalie Brad Barone and Fort Wayne Komets netminder Ryan Fanti got into it.

Safe to say, the fight was one-sided in favor of Fanti. Watch below to see the chaos.

Fanti was in a great fighting stance. Once the punches started, the crowd got loud. We mean very loud.

Barone did not see the overhand right coming. Fanti fired that first punch and landed. From there, the goalie fight turned into an MMA contest.

Fanti grabbed Barone’s jersey and landed another overhand right followed by a barrage of punches. The Komets goalie must know a little jiu jitsu or wrestling as well.

He landed a nice takedown to the ice and grabbed Barone’s jersey like it was a gi.

Once the goalies landed on the ice, the referees came in and ended the chaos. But not only was the crowd amped up, the rest of the Komets roster went nuts on the ice.

A rare occurrence, but a beauty of a sight when we see a legit fight play out on the ice. It may be old school, but it’s a nice treat once in a while. Now, Fanti might not be ready for the UFC after one fight. But maybe president Dana White should get him involved in his Power Slap League!