WATCH: Hologram Harry Caray Sings ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’ at Field of Dreams, Fans Creeped Out

by Patrick Norton

Harry Caray’s legacy lives on throughout the baseball world. When Wrigley Field does not host a guest conductor for Take Me Out to The Ballgame, the Cubs often use old clips of meaningful performances. Cycling between Ron Santo, Ernie Banks and others, the most used sing-along comes from the old broadcaster.

His classic tone and drunkenly demeanor carries the tune from the 1914 Club to the Budweiser Bleachers. But Major League Baseball’s insistence that the Field of Dreams Game include Harry Caray’s rendition of the Seventh-Inning Stretch caused quite the fracas on social media.

Instead of playing the same video frequently featured on Wrigley Field’s digital scoreboard, Dyersville, Iowa endured a puzzling animation. As fans turned their attention to the booth, a room gave a haunting and bright white glow. The organ began and a hologram of the late broadcaster appeared.

When rumors swirled about the potential of a Harry Caray cameo, those with insider knowledge called the plan “borderline offensive.” However, the bizarre clip broke all expectations, cementing itself as horrifying and unfortunate.

The digitally-created visual looks phony, and the idea remains completely unnecessary. For an event that beautifully paid tribute to Field of Dreams actor Ray Liotta, the disrespect toward Caray casts a much different light.

Upset Fans Voice Extreme Displeasure on Hologram Harry Caray

Chicago-based company Obvious Shirts arguably had the best response to MLB on FOX’s video. However, in fairness to Joe – the owner and operator of the page and store – I could see the visual used inside of a haunted house come Halloween. Coining the hashtag – #HarryScary – the tweet encapsulates a majority of the commentary of the event.

Baseball writer Craig Calcaterra voiced an honest opinion, saying the hologram matches the exploitation of the Field of Dreams Game. But it’s tough to dispute that fact. Furthermore, the Field of Dreams Game won’t take place in 2023 with the site undergoing a massive construction project. Hall of Fame ballplayer Frank Thomas – who co-owns the site announced plans for a youth baseball facility that unfortunately changes the silent environment.

Finally, a parody account of Happy Gilmore’s antagonist Shooter McGavin posted a screenshot from the infamous Saturday Night Live skit with Will Ferrell portraying Harry Caray.