Horrifying Details Emerge About Russian Prison Where Brittney Griner Is Serving Time

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP via Getty Images)

As the U.S. Department of State continues to negotiate with Russia over the release of Brittney Griner, horrifying details have emerged about the prison colony where the WNBA star is serving time

According to Outkick, Brittney Griner is currently serving a nine-year sentence after being charged with drug possession. She is now at IK-2 Moldavia. The previous reports revealed that the prison has horrific conditions for prisoners. This includes zero nutritional value. 

Pussy Riot member Nadya Tolokonnikova recently spoke to CNBC about the prison conditions that Brittney Griner will endure. She previously did prison time in Russia for nearly two years after speaking against the regime. “It is literally the harshest [penal] colony in the whole Russian prison system,” she told the media outlet. She also explained that inmates in the prison experience daily torture if they do not get work done in the establishment. 

The prisoners at the colony work 16 hours a day and sew uniforms for the Russian army and police. They also get subjected to injury due to working with outdated equipment. Beatings and torture are very common and medical is practically non-existent. 

When the prisoners are not working in the sweatshops, they are subjected to heavy physical labor. This includes digging trenches, breaking up frozen coal, and manually sawing giant logs. If a prisoner refuses work, they are sent to confinement, which is in a freezing cold tiny cell. In regards to living conditions, prisoners share barracks with 100 other inmates. There are also only 3-5 toilets for everyone. Showers and hot water is available once a week. 

Baylor University Professor Calls Out School For Not Talking About Graduate Brittney Griner 

CBS News reported earlier this week that Carole McDaniel Hanks Professor of Literature and Culture, Greg Garrett, accused Baylor University of not talking about graduate and WNBA star Brittney Griner. 

Although Brittney Griner was not a student of his, Garrett stated he remembered her while she was attending the university. “She had this habit of riding down the avenue on her longboard,” he shared. “And it is one of my favorite memories of Baylor.”

Brittney Griner had led Baylor to an undefeated season and national championship in 2012. Garrett stated that the achievement has been replicated since Griner graduated. He also said that he had been watching the situation unfold in Russia and that the Christian university hasn’t said anything about Griner due to her sexuality. “Baylor’s head coach Kim Mulkey had asked her to keep it on the down low,” he alleged. “Don’t let the world know about your sexuality, and she did not officially come out until the WNBA draft in 2013.”

Baylor released a statement to the media outlet about the situation and Garrett’s accusations. “Brittney Griner is and always will be a member of the Baylor Family. We remain deeply concerned for her health, safety, and well-being. Throughout her detainment, high-ranking Baylor officials have been in contact with those close to Brittney, as well as with appropriate elected and government officials. In addition, on several occasions Baylor has expressed public support for Brittney on social media.”