Houston Astros Troll Philadelphia with Photo of Eagles Star Jalen Hurts

by Suzanne Halliburton
Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Houston Astros definitely are having fun knowing that Philadelphia quarterback Jalen Hurts loves their baseball team.

It makes all sorts of sense that Jalen Hurts would love the sports franchises from the Lone Star State. After all, he was born in Houston and grew up in Channelview, a nearby suburb. Texans, though, will have to forgive Hurts for playing college at Alabama, then Oklahoma. And he’s now starting for those dreaded Eagles, one of the chief rivals of the Dallas Cowboys.

Late Wednesday, the Houston Astros social media account wanted to celebrate in a big way. The Houston pitching staff had just thrown a combined no-hitter to beat the Philadelphia Phillies and even the World Series at 2-2. So the Astros tweeted photos of Jalen Hurts wearing an Astros hat.

One tweet said “How we Pheeling Houston?” Then the second one “No hits? That Hurts.”

The Philadelphia media already had noted that Jalen Hurts had some lingering Astros love. The photo is from 2020, Hurts’ rookie season. Earlier that year, the Eagles used the 53rd pick in the second round of the NFL draft to select Hurts, who could throw and run with ease.

Now, Hurts is the toast of sports-hungry Philadelphia, alongside several Phillies. He tried to make it clear that while he was pro-Houston, he was cheering for Philadelphia in the World Series. Hurts put on a Phillies hat and said “I’m Houston born and raised. I love my city. That’s my hometown. But my home now is Philly. And I love this city too.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported more Jalen Hurt love for the Phillies.

“You see it on display when you see [the Phillies] play together,” Hurts said. He then brought up Bryce Harper’s homer in game five of the NLCS. “He made a truly game-changing impact, a legendary moment for his team. I check on things like that; I take note on things like that. It’s big for the city … I’m excited to cheer them on this week.”

Meanwhile, Jalen Hurts will have ample opportunity to check on the Astros-Phillies score. He and the Eagles are in Houston tonight to take on the Texans for TNF. It’s only the seventh time in sports history that teams from the same metro area are facing each other in an NFL game and the World Series on the same day. NRG Stadium, home of the Texans, will use the gigantic end zone video board for World Series updates. Plus, the score will be featured all over the stadium.

Hurts, although he grew up in Houston, never played at NRG Stadium. He’s favored to bring a Houston win back home to Philadelphia. He’s already picked up a win over the Cowboys, so Philly fans know he’s not loyal to the Lone Star State, despite the troll job from the Astros.