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Houston Car Wash Offers Free Scrubs in Exchange for James Harden Jerseys

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

After a monster trade including multiple teams, the Houston Rockets let go of superstar James Harden. As one piece of the trade with several moving parts, the Rockets sent Harden to the Brooklyn Nets. While this day may have been coming for some time, it certainly doesn’t make it any easier for Houston fans.

One Houston car wash owner has taken it into his own hands to console all of the devastated Rockets fans. Owner Sean Qureshi offers free car washes in exchange for old James Harden jerseys. While the price of a car wash probably doesn’t quite add up to the price of an NBA jersey, it still feels like a good option when the sight of the jersey makes you cry.

So, if no one will want to buy the James Harden Houston jerseys and Qureshi will certainly lose money from the car washes, what does Qureshi gain from all this? The answer is simple. A fire. A very very big fire. As soon as James Harden returns to Houston with the Nets.

“My plan is to burn them,” Qureshi said. “I’m gonna make sure with local fire department just to make sure everything is on the up and up. But if they allow me to, whenever Harden comes back for the first game with the Nets, I’m burning them all that day.”

Details of the James Harden Trade

This absolute bombshell of an NBA trade involved the Houston Rockets, the Brooklyn Nets, and the Indiana Pacers. Hell, even the Cleveland Cavaliers stuck their hand in the pot and ran away with Jarett Allen and some.

All in all, it seems that the Brooklyn Nets got the riskiest outcome of the trade. They gave up Caris LeVert, who has been absolutely on fire the past year and a half, and Jarrett Allen, who has been one of the top shot blockers and rebounders in the league. Even more, they sacrificed their first-round picks for the next eight years. All of this just to get James Harden, who has looked like just a shadow of his 2018 MVP campaign. Well, if a shadow was also several pounds heavier.

The Future In Houston is Bright(ish)

While it certainly hurts to see the most prolific scorer in NBA history leave your team, Houston does have some things to look forward to. By giving away James Harden, the Houston Rockets cleared space for Victor Olidipo, Dante Exum, and Rodions Kurucs, as well as the Nets first round picks for the next decade.

After acquiring John Wall in a trade for Russel Westbrook, the Rockets roster completed a full makeover. The combination of John Wall and Victor Olidipo in the Houston backcourt is sure to cause major problems in the NBA. On top of that, with the first round picks lined up, some of the top college stars could find themselves landing in Houston for the next 8 years. So in the end, it might be a more prudent idea to trade in your James Harden jerseys for John Wall jerseys, or just burn them anyway. Because it looks as if Houston might be better off without him.