Houston Fans Call for Coach Dana Holgorsen’s Firing During Memphis Game

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

College football Friday nights can be a lot of fun. For Houston fans, it has been a nightmare, and now they want Dana Holgorsen gone. The head coach took over in 2019, and it was good at first. However, this season has made things hard on fans. A 2-3 record heading into this matchup with Memphis did not help.

In the era of Super Conferences and all that, Houston is expected to take a step up. They have been in the AAC for a bit, and this team looks like they belong there. If they were in the Big 12 right now… let’s not think about it. Memphis isn’t a slouch team, either.

When you’re down 17-7 at halftime, and things just keep getting worse with every snap, it’s hard to keep the fanbase’s faith. Dana Holgorsen is going to find his name in a lot of tweets after this game.

Fans Want Dana Holgorsen Fired

If the Houston Cougars don’t pull off the comeback in this game, then they will drop to 2-4. If that happens, it is hard to see Houston keeping Dana Holgorsen around much longer. His career record as the Cougars’ head coach will drop to 21-19.

Fans are seeing the writing on the wall. Especially in today’s NCAA.

Then there are the ones that are just done. These fans can’t stand to watch another snap of Holgorsen’s offense and can’t see another blown defensive coverage. Their message is clear, fire Dana!

Now, whoever runs this Tulane blog knows the business of football. Dana Holgorsen will stay as the head coach until the boosters decide they have seen enough. With a large buyout, it could be more complicated than usual. But schools almost always find the money.

College football is a tricky game. When you’re good, you’re good. Fans love you, and you can do no wrong. But when things start to go bad, coaches don’t get many chances to get back on track. Schools have been willing to give coaches a little more leeway than in previous years. However, a 2-4 record for Houston football is juts not going to cut it.

This might be Dana Holgorsen’s last FBS head coaching job.