Houston Fans Leave Texans, TNF in the Dust as Astros and Phillies Face Off in World Series

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

Houston fans are in a tough spot tonight as the Texans play on Thursday Night Football and the Astros play in the World Series tonight. NFL or MLB? That’s the question not just for Houston fans but also those Philly fans. The Houston-Philly battle is going down in both leagues tonight.

While Philly fans feel a little torn on the matter, Houston fans know what they will be tuning into tonight. Brian McTaggart more or less spoke for the entire city with just one tweet. Given the 1-5-1 record of the Texans, and the you know, WORLD SERIES on the line for the Astros, did we think it’d be any other way?

Of course, there were plenty of fans echoing the same sentiments on Twitter.

Fans Don’t Want to Watch Houston Texans

On Twitter, there were fans giving their displeasure about the offering on Thursday Night Football. This is a throwaway season – again – for the Texans and the sooner it is over the better. As for the folks in the city that like baseball, they have a lot to root for and don’t mind another loss for the Texans tonight.

“I’m not watching the Houston Texans… no f***ing way,” one user tweeted.

Another fan was commenting on whether or not fans will watch one game, both games, what will happen – they had a good answer.

“Living in Houston even if the Astros were not on nobody will be watching Texans,” the tweet says.

“The Philadelphia sports fans need side-by-side TVs to fully enjoy tonight’s action on the diamond and gridiron vs Houston,” a fan said. “The Houston fans only need one TV because the Texans suck.”

If the Houston Texans were able to flip the script and upset one of the best teams in the NFL tonight that would be something. However, it feels like no one would even know if they did. Game 5 of the World Series is on at the same time and it’s a much bigger deal than this regular season NFL game.

You can find all kinds of jokes about how bad the Texans are online. There are fans and rivals making them and some are pretty good. One of the most common is a hypothetical prop bet – who scores more points tonight the Houston Astros or the Texans?