Houston Texans Pay Tribute to Uvalde Victims at Home Opener, Social Media Weighs in

by Suzanne Halliburton

The Houston Texans honored the memories of the Uvalde mass shooting victims in its season opener and gave a collective hug to the survivors and residents of this town during Sunday’s pre-game ceremonies.

The team also played host to the Uvalde High School football team. And every member of the NFL team wore helmet decals proclaiming them #uvaldestrong.

The Houston Texans social media crew shared a helmet photo with the Uvalde decal. It was placed on the back of the helmet, just underneath the American flag.

Plus, the team flashed the faces of the high school players on the massive video boards at NRG Stadium. It was all a cool experience for a group of teenagers, most of whom were watching an NFL game in person for the first time ever.

Sports teams across Texas have reached out to the Uvalde families who were devastated by a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School. It happened on the morning of May 24 during the last week of school. A recent high school dropout shot and killed 19 students and two teachers.

The Houston Texans already donated $400,000 to the Robb Elementary Memorial fund to help the families in Uvalde. The Dallas Cowboys also made a similar donation. The Houston Astros sent reps, including manager Dusty Baker and owner Jim Crane, to Uvalde to help with the town’s healing. They served hamburgers and ice cream and brought the town together for a giant reception. Meanwhile, the Texas Rangers organized a gigantic raffle and gave the proceeds to the memorial fund.

Houston Texans Gave the Uvalde Team a Suite to Watch NFL Opener

The Texans also joined with beloved grocery store chain HEB to pay for the Uvalde team to come to Houston and watch the game from a stadium suite. It’s a near 600-mile round trip to bring the team from Uvalde to Houston. Uvalde is about an hour’s drive from the Texas-Mexico border. Plus, some of the Texans drove to Uvalde before the season opener to present the football team with new uniforms.

One Houston Texans fan wrote of the Uvalde ceremony:

“The Houston Texans melted my heart. They’re showing Uvalde that the community cares, even if the current Texas .politicians don’t. Thank you Houston Texans, you made me well up on football day.”

A San Antonio TV reporter watching the game tweeted, “Members of the Uvalde High School football team are at the Houston Texans’ season opener. The broadcast says the Texans’ sports medicine director also went to Robb Elementary, where 19 students and 2 teachers were killed in May.”

Alas, the Texans couldn’t give everyone a victory Sunday. But they did give them bonus football. Houston is trying to turn around their football fortunes. The Texans were 4-13 a year ago. They traded quarterback Deshaun Watson to Cleveland and promoted Lovie Smith to head coach from defensive coordinator.

The Texans opened Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts. They held a 20-13 lead late in the game. But the Colts tied the game with 1:54 to go. Then the two teams completed an entire quarter of overtime with no one scoring. So the game ended in a 20-20 tie.