Houston Texans Rookie John Metchie Surprises Team at Practice After Cancer Diagnosis

by Patrick Norton

While John Metchie fights his fight against a treatable form of Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia, the football community prays for his speedy recovery. But regardless of a promising prognosis, Metchie will miss his entire rookie season.

However, the Houston Texans’ second-round selection brought quite the morale boost to the practice field on Tuesday. Appearing at training camp for the first time since the medical revelation, Metchie surprised his coaches and teammates.

Seen embracing his friends and teammates on the practice field, the team posted photos of Metchie’s presence with the caption “Brothers. #ForMetchie.”

Returning to the primary headset in the NFL for the first time since leaving the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2015, Lovie Smith took the time after practice concluded to praise Metchie. The coach specifically lauded the example Metchie sets, representing a hard-fought battle each teammate should appreciate.

“Practice does have a little different feel when you have a special guest come back,” said Smith about Metchie’s practice presence. “We have been praying for John and just watching him deal with a tough illness. It is good for the team to see him back in the fold.”

Metchie broke the huddle and addressed his teammates in a private moment to end the practice. The 22-year-old suffered a torn ACL in last season’s SEC Championship Game with Alabama. However, his recent medical battle provides an entirely new battle while reminding fans of his sheer resiliency.

John Metchie’s Practice Presence Brings Good Vibes to an Organization Starved for Positive Attention

With football returning to the regular season in nearly two weeks, early offseason memories feel like ages ago. However, one storyline that won’t go away is Deshaun Watson’s upcoming banishment from the NFL.

Houston dealt the quarterback to the Cleveland Browns at the early stages of the league year. But the complicated trade hardly absolved the Texans’ organization of the situation at hand. While Watson continues a legal battle with the remaining claimant of sexual misconduct, the organization opted to settle with each accuser.

The move takes blame for enabling Watson’s “predatory behavior,” but served as a moment of goodwill from the organization. Additionally, settling puts the matter to rest for the organization, allowing the team to move forward.