Houston Texans Tight End Pharaoh Brown Reveals He Cut Back on BBQ Sauce to Lose Weight

by Chris Haney

In one of the more amusing NFL offseason storylines, Houston Texans tight end Pharaoh Brown recently revealed how he lost almost 20 pounds this summer. While we’re sure plenty of training and working out was involved, Brown shared that his secret to weight loss was cutting back on his BBQ sauce intake.

While speaking to the Houston Chronicle, Pharaoh Brown opened up about his offseason and his goal to lose weight. The 28-year-old shared that his motivation for losing 18 pounds was based off advice from a new financial advisor. During one conversation, the advisor suggested that Brown work on his receiving game since blocking tight ends typically command minimum contracts.

Earlier this year, Brown inked a one-year, $3.5 million contract to stay in Houston. Used primarily as a blocker, the former Oregon Ducks tight end played in 15 games and recorded 23 catches for 171 receiving yards in 2021. Brown is hoping his weight loss will help with route running and pass catching while seeking to improve that part of his skillset as he looks to earn a larger contract next offseason.

“I was a fat guy last year,” Brown said, according to the Houston Chronicle. “One of the linemen just told me, ‘I’m proud of you, man. You were an O-Line tight end last year. And now you’re out there catching balls.’ I told him I got a new financial advisor and they told me that the blocking tight end gets the minimum.”

Yet it is Brown’s “secret” to losing weight that has the media reporting on his recent interview. Evidently he used to pour Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce on all his food. Once he cut back, the change eliminated “all the sugar and high fructose corn syrup you don’t really notice.”

Texans Head Coach Says Pharaoh Brown Has ‘Big Wide Receiver Skills’

The outlet also spoke to Houston Texans head coach Lovie Smith, who commented on Pharaoh Brown’s offseason transformation. Smith shared that Brown has the potential to be a dual-threat tight end as a blocker and receiver.

“He’s listed as a tight end, but he can play in line, he can move out,” Smith said of Brown. “It’s a tough match-up because he has big wide receiver skills. Just another weapon that we have to be able to use. We can line him up at a lot of different positions, so just gives flexibility to our offense.”

The Texans are looking to bounce back from a controversial 2021 season, which saw star quarterback Deshaun Watson sidelined the whole season. Sexual harassment allegations and lawsuits against the QB left a dark cloud over the franchise that finished the season with only four wins at 4-13.

After refusing Watson’s trade request all last season, the Texans finally sent the QB to the Cleveland Browns in March as part of a blockbuster exchange. Now, Houston looks to move on from the talented but controversial player as they begin to rebuild.

If tight end Pharaoh Brown can step up as another pass-catching weapon, the Texans would welcome another playmaker on offense as they attempt to get back to winning ways.