Houston Texans Trade Deshaun Watson to Cleveland Browns in $230M Deal: Report

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

Another bombshell in the NFL offseason today as Ian Rapoport is reporting that Deshaun Watson will be the Cleveland Browns’ QB next season. Baker Mayfield is now going to get the trade that he has wanted since earlier this month. And, one of the NFL‘s biggest quarterback questions is now solved.

About two months ago if you had bet that Aaron Rodgers was going to stay in Green Bay and Mayfield would be on his way out of Cleveland, you could have gotten good odds. But that’s the reality we’re in now. This deal is huge and will include multiple first-round picks and a few later-round picks as well.

Blockbuster Trade Details

  • Deshaun Watson will be part of a trade to Cleveland
  • Baker Mayfield will be dealt in a separate trade deal
  • The contract Watson is receiving will be record breaking for guaranteed money
  • Three first-round picks, a third round picks, and a fourth for a fifth round pick swap are included

Watson’s decision has been up in the air for a while now and with this trade, Houston will move into a new era in their offense. As of right now, Rapoport is saying Mayfield is not included in the Watson trade. However, the deal that Watson will have with the Browns is a massive one.

Adam Shefter reported that the deal will be worth $230 million and will be all guaranteed money. That’s the highest guaranteed total ever in the NFL. When you sign a contract the same year as Rodgers re-ups with the Packers and you are guaranteed more, that’s a BIG contract. Of course, a player this expensive and this coveted is going to bring a lot back in a trade like this. Texans fans won’t be disappointed.

So, what is Houston going to get in return for their former No. 12 overall pick? Well, quite a bit. Rapoport had the details on the full trade once it was agreed upon. In exchange for the talented QB, the Texans are going to receive three first-round picks, a third-rounder and there will be a pick swap. The teams will swap a fourth for a fifth-round pick.

Now, the Browns can trade Baker Mayfield and make this a home run move in the offseason.

Impact of Deshaun Watson Trade

The deal is done, y’all. This Deshaun Watson trade has gone through and he is a Cleveland Brown. So, what does that mean for the Browns moving forward? And, what does it mean for the Texans? Mayfield is not included in the Watson trade and that means that Cleveland still has work to do here. They can trade for players to build around their new centerpiece, or try to load back up on picks to recoup their losses from today’s deal.

This will undoubtedly change the makeup of the AFC North and South, and it will be interesting to see what Watson can do in Cleveland. Meanwhile, Houston has a decision to make as well. Draft a new QB, or try and trade for another already proven passer. I have a feeling this is rebuild time for the Texans.

Now, where is Baker going to go?