How Will Cameron Smith Celebrate his Open Championship Win? By Drinking Beer from the Claret Jug

by Dustin Schutte

Cameron Smith is our kinda guy, Outsiders. He just … might be a little bit better at golf than most of us.

Sunday, Smith overcame a four-shot deficit in the final round of the Open Championship to claim his first major championship. He shot an 8-under-par 64 to finish the tournament at -20. He defeated Cameron Young (-19) and Rory McIlroy (-18) by carding a birdie on the 18th hole.

As a result of his impressive Round 4 performance, Smith is taking the prized Claret Jug home. The 28-year-old Australian has big plans for the trophy, too.

Beer is going to be consumed from the jug — and a lot of it from the sound of things.

“I’m definitely gonna find out how many beers fit in this thing, that’s for sure,” Smith said. The crowd — fittingly — erupted with cheers.

Smith discovered some disappointing news shortly after making the comment. The Claret Jug can only hold around two beers at a time. For some of us, that might be a problem. Not for the rising PGA Tour star.

To make up for the low-beer capacity of the Claret Jug, Smith will just increase the number of pours into the trophy, saying “I’ll probably have about 20 Claret Jugs.”

We just have one question for the new Open Championship winner: What kind of beer is going into that jug?

The Cameron Smith-John Daly Comparisons will Only Grow

You might be shocked by this, but Cameron Smith has drawn several comparisons to 1990s John Daly. And after his comments after winning the Open Championship, it will continue.

Smith sports a mullet haircut similar to the one Daly donned back in the 1990s. “Long John Daly” won a pair of major championships with that fashionable style — the 1991 PGA Championship and 1995 Open Championship at St. Andrews.

Even Daly commented on Smith’s big win … and his hair.

“Way to go Cam … great playing — incredible back 9!” Daly wrote on Twitter. Oh, chalk another for the mullets!”

We also know Daly likes to enjoy in an adult beverage or two. So, Smith and Daly might share a pint over this victory, as well.