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Hulk Hogan Applauds The Undertaker on His ‘Amazing Career’ With WWE

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Matt Jelonek/WireImage/Getty Images

Hulk Hogan is celebrating The Undertaker and his long career, wrestling legend to legend. After 30 years in the ring, The Undertaker is stepping away from the WWE.

Before he was the famed wrestler everyone knows today, Mark William Calaway, or The Undertaker, appeared in Hogan’s 1991 film “Suburban Commando.” The film was one of Hogan’s forrays into Hollywood. The film starred Hogan as an alien commando living among a suburban family. Calaway had a small role in the film as Hutch.

On Twitter, Hogan remembered Calaway’s humble beginnings. Hogan wrote, “Amazing career the Undertaker has had, 30yrs of Main Events and always was nothing but money. I will never forget Taker on the set of Suburban Commando. I told him Vince needs to meet you. 30 awesome years brother.”

Of course, the two wrestlers ended up meeting in a bigger way in 1991. The Undertaker took Hogan on in Survivor Series 1991. The classic bout saw Hogan lose the highly sought after world heavyweight championship to the new wrestler. The two wrestlers only met a couple of times in the ring before Hogan retired.

The Undertaker Retires From the WWE

Sunday night’s wrestling was more emotional than usual. WWE held a celebration for Calaway and all his accomplishments over his three-decade career. The entire ordeal made WWE’s Vince McMahon a bit weepy. He stood in the ring to reflect on what Calaway meant to the WWE.

“Tonight marks the end of an era,” McMahon said. “An end of an era of the most storied career in history, it’ll never be duplicated. So tonight we say, goodbye.”

“They say nothing lasts forever. I think they’re wrong,” McMahon continued. “Because the legacy of The Undertaker will live on eternally!”