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Hulk Hogan Jokes About Super Bowl LV Competitors With Infamous Face-Off Photo Featuring ‘The Rock’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage/ Getty Images)

Earlier today, pro wrestling icon Hulk Hogan shared a meme comparing the upcoming Super Bowl to his legendary matchup with The Rock at Wrestlemania 18. The photo of the two wrestling superstars staring each other down in the middle of the ring has become iconic among wrestling fans. It captured the moments just before one of the most electrifying matches in sports-entertainment history.

The legendary WWE champion shared the meme with the caption “First thing on my Twitter page!”

The meme features a photo of Tom Brady in a Patriots Jersey staring down the KC Chiefs’ QB Patrick Mahomes. Under that is the infamous shot of The Rock and Hulk Hogan nose-to-nose in the center of the ring. The comparison is pretty apt.

Hulk Hogan VS The Rock at Wrestlemania 18

Hulk Hogan is the man who brought the WWF to a worldwide audience. His victory over the Iron Sheik brought him his first title belt and gave birth to Hulkamania. Wrestling fans around the world loved the Hulkster. You really can’t talk about pro wrestling in the 1980s without bringing up Hogan’s name.

Likewise, The Rock was one of the biggest names in the sport in the Attitude Era of the WWF. He went from heel to face over the formative years of his pro wrestling career. By the time he stepped into the ring with Hulk Hogan, he was a household name.

It is fitting, then, that the match was billed as “Icon VS Icon” it was both catchy and true.

In the lead-up to the match, Hulk Hogan made his return to the WWF. This time, he came back as a heel. He sported the black and white of the New World Order, a stable of heels. His heel status didn’t matter to fans, though. He was a living legend in the ring once again.

When the match started, the crowd showed just how much they loved Hogan. With every strike The Rock landed, they booed. Each of the Hulkster’s retaliations drew cheers from the packed stadium.

Midway through the match, Hulk Hogan used The Rock’s finisher, “The Rock Bottom” on his opponent. At this, the crowd went absolutely insane. Later, Hogan took off his wide leather belt and used it to whip The Rock. Every time the strap landed, the crowd cheered for Hogan. Hulkamania was running wild at Wrestlemania.

At the end of the match, though, The Rock hit Hogan with not one but two “Rock Bottoms,” thoroughly stunning the legend. He finished the match with a “People’s Elbow” and got the three-count on Hogan.

With this match, Hulk Hogan passed the torch to The Rock. The passing of the torch mirrored the legendary match when Andre the Giant put Hogan over at Wrestlemania 3.

Time will tell if Brady will pass the torch to Mahomes at Super Bowl LV.