Hulk Hogan Mourns Scott Hall’s Death With Emotional Tribute

by Thad Mitchell

Legendary professional wrestler Hulk Hogan paid tribute to his fellow pro wrestler and friend, Scott Hall, upon learning of his passing. Hogan is one of many professional wrestlers to publicly mourn Hall in recent days. Hall, 63, suffered complications from a recent hip replacement and did not recover from them. He reportedly suffered a string of heart attacks due to a blood clot and was put on life support. His family made the decision to remove the wrestler from life support earlier this week.

Scott Hall’s death has had a profound effect on the professional wrestling community. Despite battling substance abuse issues throughout his career, Hall was well-liked and respected in the wrestling world. He accumulated many friends over the course of his career who are now pouring his loss. Hulk Hogan joins the likes of Kevin Nash, Marc Mero, Diamond Dallas Page and many others as wrestlers paying tribute to Hall. Hogan gave an emotional speech on Monday to a group of people as he fought back tears.

“I love him so much I can’t even explain it to you,” he tells the audience inside his Florida restaurant. Hogan spoke with the group for several minutes, detailing the impact that Scott Hall has on his career. He says Hall energized him when he went from WWE to WCW to form the New World Order, more commonly known as the “nWo” to wrestling fans.

“He took care of me when I was down and out,” Hulk Hogan says in his tribute to Hall. “Everybody thought Hulkamania was dead. Scott Hall resurrected me. He put me back on the map.”

Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall had a long and successful working relationship and were also close friends outside the ring. Co-founding the nWo stable is certainly a high mark for both men.

Tributes to Scott Hall Pour in as Wrestlers Remember Fallen Friend

Hulk Hogan is far from the only wrestling superstar to pay tribute to Scott Hall upon his passing on Monday. It is clear that Hall made a big impact on a lot of people both in and outside the ring. His death hit hard and close to many of his former colleagues. Thousands of tributes came in from wrestling fans around the world.

“You are my favorite wrestler of all time and well all miss the ‘Bad Guy,'” a fan says in a comment “Rest in Peace, Razor.”

In his prime, Scott Hall was among the most recognizable face in all of professional wrestling. He got his big break when he joined WWE, then WWF, and portrayed Razor Ramon, a tough-talking, toothpick-flicking bad guy. He left the promotion in the late 1990s and went on to bigger and better things in their rival organization, WCW. There, Hall, along with Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash, established the nWo, one of the greatest professional wrestling storylines.