Hunting and Fishing Inspired Sports Team Mascots that Any Outdoorsman Could Cheer For

by Katie Maloney

Looking for a new sports team to back? We’ve got a list of hunting and fishing inspired sports teams to help you decide who to cheer for.

If you’re a “go sports!” kinda person with no allegiance to one specific team, we’ve got a list of hunting and fishing inspired sports teams to get you motivated to choose your new favorite team.

Buffalo Bills

For anyone who’s team didn’t make the playoffs and is looking for a team to cheer for, try the Buffalo Bills. Not only are they Super Bowl contenders, but their name is also very outdoors themed. The team is named after Buffalo Bill Cody, an American soldier, bison hunter, and showman. And the buffalo itself is admired as a symbol of power, safety, strength, and durability.

Hunting and Fishing Inspired Sports Teams Mascots (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)

Chicago Bears

If you’re on the hunt for a new football team, the Chicago Bears is the perfect team to cheer for. You can reminisce about your favorite bear hunting memories while downing some nachos and watching the game.

Philadelphia Eagles

Although you can’t hunt a bald eagle, you can certainly admire them. And it doesn’t get more outdoorsy (or patriotic) than the bald eagle. If you’re ready to pledge your allegiance to a new sports team, try the Philadelphia Eagles.

Cole Holcomb #55 of the Washington Football Team tackles Nate Sudfeld #7 of the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Have You Chosen Your New Favorite Sports Team Yet?

Don’t worry if you’re still deciding, we’ve still got more hunting and fishing themed sports teams on our list. Let’s see what hockey, basketball and baseball have to offer fans of the outdoors.

Milwaukee Bucks

For a while, a winning season for the Bucks proved to be as elusive as a 14 point buck. However, halfway through last season, the team led the NBA in points per game and defensive rating. If you’re looking for a basketball team to cheer for while you prepare for hunting season, check out the Milwaukee Bucks.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Just in time for rattlesnake hunting season, the Arizona Diamonds backs will take the field. If you’re looking for a team to support while partaking in your favorite hunting hobby, then look no further than Arizona’s baseball team.

New York Rangers

We can’t have a hunting and fishing list without appreciating all the people who take care of our favorite outdoor spaces. That’s why, in honor of all the park rangers out there, we’re adding the New York Rangers to our list of sports teams to support. You can tip your New York Rangers caps to park rangers everywhere while cheering for your new favorite hockey team.