Indiana University Misspells Own State on Football Jersey in Head-Scratching Fumble

by Chris Haney

During Saturday’s college matchup between Indiana and Iowa, at least one Hoosiers player took the field with a horribly misspelled football jersey.

The 2021 college football season got off to a rough start for the Indiana Hoosiers for multiple reasons yesterday. The team struggled to put points on the board throughout the game, but a jersey mishap made things even worse.

The university’s official Twitter account posted and then deleted, a photo of freshman running back David Holloman running onto the field before kick-off. As Holloman ran onto the field at Kinnick Stadium, cameras captured the front of his football jersey.

Among a sea of white and crimson Indiana uniforms, the mistake isn’t obvious. However, when the Hoosiers posted a straight-on shot of Holloman to their account, the error is clear as can be. Instead of the normal “Indiana” that rests above the football jersey’s number, Holloman’s read “Indinia.”

Screenshots of the inexcusable misspelling quickly made the rounds on social media yesterday. To make matters even worse for the Hoosiers, the No. 17-ranked team played terribly. By halftime of Saturday’s game, the No. 18 Iowa Hawkeyes led Indiana 31-3. Each team added another field goal in an uneventful second half, which gave Iowa the 34-6 win over Indiana.

Ironically, the last time Indiana played a game, the Hoosiers had another football jersey mishap. In their final game of last season, their Big Ten conference logo was noticeably absent from their uniforms. Two games in a row now their uniforms have had some major issues. We’ll see if they go for three in a row when Indinia, I mean Indiana, plays Idaho next weekend.

Navy Football Jerseys Will Honor US Marine Corps for 9/11 Game

In more positive college football jersey news, Navy recently revealed some special uniforms they’ll be wearing soon. A couple of weeks ago, Navy football officially revealed a special uniform that’s inspired by a traditional Marine Corps “Dress Blue A” uniform. The new jersey, pants, and helmet are meant to celebrate our beloved United States Marines, according to Navy Athletics and Under Armour.

Many fans, especially those that have or do serve in the military, will recognize the phrases on the team’s helmets. They feature the Marines’ battle cry of “Oorah” and the military division’s motto of “Semper Fi.” Additionally, the Quatrefoil – a cross-shaped braid that appears above the Marine officer barracks cover – is on top of the helmet. Further, the uniform shares the same “Dress Blue” design on the pants, which will also include the iconic red stripe down the side of the leg.

Fans will get an opportunity to see Navy’s new Marine-inspired football jersey for the first time next weekend. They’ll wear them during the September 11 anniversary game when they play in their military rivalry game against Air Force.