Indianapolis Colts Running Back Jonathan Taylor Takes Unique Route in Hopes of Avoiding Future Injuries

by Dustin Schutte

At the expense of sounding like Captain Obvious, staying healthy is a major key in the NFL. Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor understands the importance, especially at his position. That’s why he’s doing everything in his power to avoid injury.

Taylor invested in a company called Strive, according to ESPN, which measures “muscle performance to evaluate the optimum workload, level of fatigue and other factors” current NFL players face.

“You have to really trust in your preparation,” Taylor told ESPN. “Everything that you’ve done leading up to the season and, as well, during the season. Doing everything you can to mitigate as many factors as possible that will lead to those soft tissue injuries.”

In his first two years in the NFL, Taylor has put in a ton of work out of the backfield. He’s taken 564 carries for 2,980 yards and 29 touchdowns. He also has 76 receptions for 659 yards and three scores.

Yes, Taylor has enjoyed tremendous success since coming out of Wisconsin. But the lifespan of a running back in the NFL has diminished over the years, especially once injury occurs.

Taylor doesn’t plan on taking any chances. He wants to do everything in his power to stay on the field.

“You understand the risk-reward in the sport that we play,” said Taylor. “It’s a very violent game.”

Even Dating Back to Wisconsin, Jonathan Taylor Proves to be Durable

A running back who has touched the ball as frequently as Jonathan Taylor usually misses a few games due to injury. It’s the nature of the beast. But Colts star hasn’t missed much time at all, even dating back to his college football days at Wisconsin.

Taylor appeared in all 41 collegiate games during his three-year run with the Badgers. In that span, he piled up 6,174 yards and 50 touchdowns on 926 carries.

That success has translated to the NFL. Not only that, but he’s been able to remain on the field despite the heavy work load. Now that he’s invested in Strive, there’s an even better chance for Taylor to remain healthy.

Per ESPN, Strive “uses sensors integrated into compression clothing to capture muscular output during various activities and translate the data to graphic displays in real time.” It helps players identify risk factors, as well as limit the possibility of re-injury.

Nothing can guarantee a player’s health during the course of a football season at any level. But Taylor is doing everything in his power to avoid the injury bug.