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Instagram Star’s Attempt at a Bills Table Smash Doesn’t End Well, But She Still Earns People’s Respect

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)

While tailgates in themselves typically consist of many of the same things, i.e., BBQ, booze, and cornhole, they’re not the only activities taking place at Buffalo Bills tailgates. Apparently, tailgate table smashing is a popular trend surrounding the football team and their games, and most recently, Instagram star Amanda Vance took to social media to make her own attempt at a WWE-style Bills table smash.

Not sure if that totally devastated your butt, but it definitely did mine. While Vance’s table smash did not go at all as planned, it appears she remained relatively unhurt following the event. However, I can guarantee you, she was hurting after that. At least, any normal person would.

Regardless, the clip captures the longtime Steelers fan soaring off the back off of a truck tailgate before epically failing in her attempt. Rather than completely splitting the plastic table as is the intended result, Vance simply slides off the other side. However, I foresaw that incident going much worse, with the Instagram star sliding backward head-first onto the ground. Although that may just be the mom in me.

Regardless, as the New York Post stated, Vance took no issue in sharing her attempt with the public. After all, at least she gave it a shot. The video debuted on her Instagram several days ago, wracking up more than 4,000 likes. “When in Buffalo,” she humorously captions the clip.

Instagram Star Amanda Vance Exhibits Zero Shame

As I mentioned before, Amanda Vance seemingly took no shame in sharing her failed Bills smash attempt on her social media feed. In fact, it simply highlights her easy-going personality. Additionally, after her attempt went viral and saw highlights by the New York Post, she eagerly shared the accompanying article on her Instagram.

The screenshot of the article captures the introductory paragraph from the New York Post. “May not have broken the table, but at least I got in the @nypost,” she captions her latest post.

Followers to her Instagram loved both her attempt and her reaction to the virality of the clip. “Amanda you are just awesome,” wrote one of her followers. “Talk about dedication.”

Others agreed with the article, writing, “As a Bills fan I gave you an A for effort.” As did we all, I think. I know I wouldn’t be attempting that challenge. “Now you’ve made it!” wrote another one of her followers sarcastically.

While Amanda Vance’s latest viral shenanigans saw her sailing off of, rather than through, a plastic table, it’s not the only humorous shenanigan she’s good-naturedly participated in.

Following an epic loss in her fantasy football league, one she insisted she was not going to lose, she endured the most uncomfortable and definitely embarrassing fantasy football punishment.

One of her previous posts feature Vance with a football taped to each of her hands, downing wings and chips and dip at a Buffalo restaurant. While the punishment was meant to embarrass her, she nevertheless crushed it (metaphorically that is, seeing her table smash results). Her followers frequently compliment her on her fun personality and her good sportsmanship, and we can’t help but admire her either.