Iowa State Allowing Fans To Bring Thanksgiving Leftovers Into Friday’s Game

by Chris Haney

As Thanksgiving approaches in two days, Americans are gearing up to cook a range of meals across the country. One of the best parts of Thursday’s holiday though comes the next day with Thanksgiving leftovers, and Iowa State University has come up with a genius idea for Friday’s home football game.

Like many other businesses across America, ISU has a staff shortage that will impact game day. However, the school’s athletic department has come up with a fantastic solution. During Friday’s matchup against Texas Christian University, attending fans will be allowed to bring Thanksgiving leftovers into the stadium. ISU Director of Athletics Jamie Pollard recently announced the temporary policy.

“The long Thanksgiving weekend has made it difficult for our concessions partner to find individuals and service groups to fully staff our game-day concessions operation. So we will allow fans to bring their own food into the game on Friday,” Pollard revealed. “While we’ll have limited concession offerings available for purchase, not all of our stands throughout the stadium will be open. And we believe that allowing fans the ability to bring food items into the stadium will take the pressure off those concession stands that we are able to staff.”

The university revealed more details about the policy as well. Iowa State fans must bring their leftovers in clear bags into the stadium. They can also bring in water bottles that aren’t larger than 20 ounces, but they’re supposed to be unopened or empty.

ISU and TCU will face off at 3:30 p.m. CT on Friday afternoon. It’s a vital game for the away team since it may decide whether or not the Horned Frogs will be bowl eligible or not.

Iowa State Upset by Texas Tech Following Unlikely 62-Yard Field Goal

Following Iowa State’s last two games, their fanbase could probably use a pick-me-up such as Friday’s Thanksgiving leftovers policy. This past week, the Cyclones lost 28-21 against No. 10 Oklahoma. It was a respectable loss, but the previous week’s game had to be heartbreaking.

As time expired in the Nov. 13 game, Texas Tech Red Raiders kicker Jonathan Garibay stepped up with the game on the line. Garibay had to hit a 62-yard field goal for the win, and he came through in the clutch for the upset. His 62-yarder became one of the longest field goals of the college football season while breaking Iowa State fans’ hearts. Yet Texas Tech fans rejoiced since their team is now bowl eligible for the first time in four years.

Following the Iowa State-Texas Tech game, Garibay spoke to USA Today about his huge kick.

“When you get to a distance that far, it’s really hard to give it that nice height,” Garibay told USA Today. “You’ve kind of got to drive it. I thought the wind’s not blowing, don’t try to kill this ball. I’ve got to hit a clean ball, and hopefully, it goes all the way.”