Is the NFL About to Release a Regular Season Version of ‘Hard Knocks’?

by Jonathan Howard

Oh boy does the NFL have a great Thursday Night Football program set up for this week. The halftime show could be a great surprise. One of the best side projects the league has ever done, Hard Knocks, is coming back. However, it could be a special regular-season version of the behind-the-scenes show.

Fans will have to tune into the halftime show of the New York Giants game against the Washington Football Team. Thursday night is for football and at 8 PM this Thursday it is back. The NFL Films Twitter page shared a video teasing the new announcement to get viewers excited and interested.

With the acclaimed Hard Knocks show leaving Dallas, there is a new team that will be the subject of the show. In the past, the series has taken a behind-the-scenes look at the offseason leading up to the regular season. As the roster cuts are made and teams are put together, the drama builds and fans have loved the program. If there is a regular-season version coming this year, fans are going to watch it no matter what channel it comes on.

NFL Films has been able to capture the minds and imaginations of the fanbase. There are usually unsuspecting personalities that shine through the cameras. That is part of the draw to the show. Being able to see players interact in circumstances that are usually hidden is just exciting. Not to mention, the Giants/Washington rivalry is usually a blast to watch. Both teams are going to look for their first win of the season after falling short in week one.

NFL Season Is Underway

Now, the most important thing to remember about all of this, the NFL season is in full swing. That means that teams will be battling for postseason positions and fine-tuning their offenses and defenses. Week one featured a great slate of games that produced some surprising results.

One of the most glaringly obvious messages from the first week, Urban Meyer is not an NFL coach, at least not yet. As the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, a team with real talent and promise, he did more than just disappoint fans. With No. 1 overall pick Trevor Lawrence, the Jags couldn’t get it going on offense early. As for the defense, Tyrod Taylor tore them apart as well. That is pretty rough considering the hype.

It is no surprise that fans are already joking about Meyer looking for a way out. With the USC job opening in California, it seems a move back to the NCAA isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Until that happens, Jacksonville fans will be hoping and praying for the ship to correct course. Talk about hard knocks.