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Jaguars’ Trevor Lawrence Suffers Scary Leg Injury on Brutal Sack: VIDEO

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)

The Jacksonville Jaguars are currently facing off against the Detroit Lions, and if the Jags’ 26-3 deficit before halftime wasn’t bad enough, their star quarterback Trevor Lawrence injured his leg in a gruesome-looking injury.

In the clip below, the former Clemson signal-caller rolls around on the turf, writhing in pain. It’s clear that Lawrence, who normally is even-keeled and keeps his emotions in check, is in an incredible amount of pain.

“Jags QB Trevor Lawrence is down after being sacked on the previous play,” Fox Sports: NFL tweeted. “He was able to walk off the field on his own strength.”

Fans took to the replies on Twitter to share their thoughts on the injury. Many sent well-wishes to the second-year player. However, it does seem like a good sign that he at least walked off the field on his own.

“Hope he’s good… glad he walked off on his own power,” one fan said.

“Man I hate seeing this. Hopefully he’s ok,” another wrote.

Another fan blamed Detroit’s turf for the injury. “Looks like Detroit’s field strikes again!” they wrote.

However, head coach Doug Pederson reported that Lawrence will suit back up for the second half, so we can assume the injury was just a small stinger or a strain. Nothing to keep a competitor like Lawrence out of the game for long.

Lions’ Head Coach Discusses Challenge of Defending Trevor Lawrence

As Trevor Lawrence retakes the field in the third quarter, the Jaguars now find themselves down 30-14. He threw a touchdown pass to Evan Engram, and the Jags converted the two-point conversion.

Second-year Lions head coach Dan Campbell talked about the challenge of defending Trevor Lawrence earlier this week.

“I mean, really, that last drive last week was — that was big. I mean, they got in a fourth-and-5, he makes a critical throw, they double move down there in the far red, the deep red zone and he hits that to Zay Jones, and then the throw to Marvin (Jones) over there,” Campbell said.

“That was big and I think that was — when you look at it, every week I feel like, man, if you’re not careful, he’ll pick you apart. And they’ll have schemes that they do well, things they hang their hat on, but they’ll attack your coverages, and he’s been pretty good.”

Campbell went on to say that he doesn’t hold onto the ball long, which makes it hard for defenses. He also praised his ability to drive down the field and “make critical throws.”

“He’s playing at a high level and a lot of confidence, so I don’t have to tell you, man, we’ve got to try to push the pocket on him. We’ve got to challenge a little bit at times and see if we can get him out of rhythm,” Campbell said.

The Jaguars currently sit at 4-7, and while they’re season isn’t over, it’s getting harder to imagine the Jags in the playoff.