Jake Paul Accuses Floyd Mayweather of Hiring ‘Gangsters’ to Have Him ‘Killed’

by John Jamison

Anytime someone steps into a professional boxing or mixed martial arts ring, they’re putting their life on the line. The last thing a fighter needs is the threat of literal assassination outside of it. If you ask Jake Paul, that’s exactly what he was facing after he famously took Mayweather’s hat ahead of his brother’s bout against the 50-0 boxer in June.

The messed-up part was that Jake wasn’t even the one to fight Mayweather. Apparently, his brother Logan asked him not to take the hat, originally thinking Jake was joking about the whole thing. But Jake Paul went ahead and did it anyway. As one would expect, Mayweather didn’t take it very well.

During an appearance on the FULL SEND PODCAST recently, Jake Paul suggested that the whole campaign truly hurt Floyd Mayweather’s feelings. Often, fighters will try to spark some contrived drama ahead of a big pay-per-view fight to increase profits. This was different, according to Paul. Though it worked in selling more fights, Paul says Mayweather took serious offense. Dead serious offense.

“He was trying to get me killed behind the scenes for sure. He was calling like the ‘gangsters’—because we were in Miami at the time—and he was calling the ‘street people’—because my security’s tapped into street people—and they were like, ‘Yo, you guys gotta be f***in careful. He’s trying to do something. He’s trying to do something.’ So whatever the f*** that meant or means…”

It’s a huge allegation to throw out there, especially when you haven’t even discerned what “that meant or means.” The killing part seems to be Jake Paul’s interpretation of Mayweather “trying to do something.” Even then, there’s no evidence that Mayweather was trying to do anything.

Jake Paul Accuses Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather of Coordinating Beef

Okay, so it’s nowhere near as serious an accusation. But Jake Paul is convinced that Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather worked together to create some drama ahead of their bout in 2017. It’s not the craziest theory in the world. After all, an interesting storyline means more people would be willing to buy the fight. And this one, Jake Paul claims to know for a fact.

“Like, when him and McGregor were doing their whole beef and all their press conferences, they were in on that together. They were like, ‘Yeah, let’s sell this. Let’s make it fun.’ They would ride in the same jets to places to go to the cities. I know that for a fact,” Paul continued on the podcast.

Again, Paul doesn’t seem to have any concrete evidence to back up his claim. It just But even if he did, that revelation would pale in comparison to the accusations he made against Mayweather alone.