Jake Paul Slams Canelo Alvarez, Says He’s ‘Very Confident’ in Beating Legendary Boxer

by Emily Morgan

YouTube star-turned-boxer Jake Paul says he is “very confident” he would beat Canelo Alvarez in a boxing match.

Recently, the internet personality previously said he was considering a future match with the Mexican boxer as a way to become “the most disruptive boxer in the history of the sport.” Currently, Alvarez is the top P4P boxer on the planet. 

“I’m very confident,” the Paul brother told Maxim. “He’s a killer at 168 pounds, but people forget that I naturally walk around at about 205, so there’s a big weight difference. There’s a big height advantage.”

Jake Paul, currently 3-0, is set to fight Tyron Woodley in Cleveland on Aug. 29. As for his potential fight with Alvarez, he says that he’s not impressed with his recent opponents. “They’ve all been easy guys who just sort of fall on their ass,” he said.

Paul’s upcoming fight with Woodley, a UFC welterweight champion, is set to be the most high-profile fight of his career. Should Paul defeat Woodley, he plans on challenging UFC superstar Conor McGregor. 

As for his potential bout with Alvarez, the two have a history. In Dec. of 2020, Canelo told TMZ that he thought the Paul brothers were disrespectful to the sport. This means they could be entering the ring with some bad blood. 

As for 24-year-old Paul, he says he understands the opportunity won’t come without training. He added he’ll keep fighting more formidable opponents and working on his boxing every day. Alvarez has yet to confirm or deny if he’s going to go against Paul. 

Jake Paul Eyeing Bout With Connor McGregor

“At the end of the day, this is a business,” Paul said. “If Canelo sees that, he’s going to want to get in on the business.”

While some boxing fans may hold their noses up at the idea of Paul fighting Alvarez, Jake Paul believes that Alvarez is an intelligent businessman just like he is.

He adds that if he wants to see dollar signs in his future, Paul thinks this could be the money fight for both boxers in the future.

“I just need to continue on the path that I’m on now. Getting experience under my belt, fighting tougher and tougher people as my career goes on. He adds that he wants to continue “to stay in the gym every single day, and continuing to be the pay-per-view star that I am and selling tens of millions of dollars in pay-per-view.” 

As for a fight with Conor McGregor, Paul has been anything but shy about calling out the former Ultimate Fighting Championship featherweight. 

“There is no other fighter right now who is on a bigger level than me that is calling out Conor McGregor and wants to fight Conor,” Paul said. “Our team is in touch with his team and there are talks of it actually happening.”