Jake Paul Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Laughing at Tyron Woodley for Actually Getting ‘I Love Jake Paul’ Tattoo

by Madison Miller

Jake Paul is actively trying to turn his former YouTube fame into a career as a professional boxer. Right now his career is 4-0 in the ring.

His last win was against the former mixed martial artist and UFC Welterweight Champion, Tyron Woodley.

The fight was incredibly close and ended in a split-decision victory for Jake Paul. Before the fight even happened, the two agreed on a bet that the loser would have to take part in.

As the loser, Woodley would have to get a tattoo that said “I Love Jake Paul” somewhere on his body. Since the match was so close, Woodley was initially hesitant to get that permanent ink that both of the fighters agreed on.

He was calling for a rematch, but Paul was still insistent that the tattoo needed to happen first. At one point, Paul seemed to completely dismiss Woodley and any future fights with him. ”I’m over it. I’m leaving Tyron in the past. He didn’t live up to the bet — he didn’t get the tattoo. So, the rematch just doesn’t make sense anymore,” Paul told ESPN.

Given just how many views the fight had, it really would be in their best interest to go for a rematch. Now, since Woodley did get it, the odds of a rematch are growing exponentially.

Jake Paul Responds to Tyron Woodley Tattoo

Although it was all a part of the bet, Jake Paul can’t seem to believe the fact that Tyron Woodley actually got that ink. He got the ink on Monday and shared it on social media, which was part of the agreement. It goes across his middle finger, which is probably to best placement he could have possibly gotten for the embarrassing words.

As always, Jake Paul had a pretty cheeky response to it all. He said, “No way did a grown-ass man just get a tattoo that says I love Jake Paul! This is my official response to Tyron Woodley getting the tattoo,” Paul said in a recent YouTube video.

He then spits out a piece of paper that was hiding in his mouth all along. He unfolds the paper and shows it to the camera. It states, “I love you too.” To make matters even more entertaining, he follows that up with a “can I grab those cheeks now, papi?”

The bet has been the cause of a lot of controversy and drama between the two fighters. The initial bet changed after the fight was over. Woodley tried to change the pre-fight bet while the two were in the ring after the fight. He said he would get it only if Paul agrees to a rematch.

Woodley believed that the judges made the wrong call with the scorecards and a rematch was only fair. Meanwhile, Paul thinks that the original bet should have been honored regardless.

Now, both of them may be getting what they want. The two continue to bicker over social media. After seeing his response video Woodley claims Paul has some “screw loose” and that he maybe “hit him too hard” during the fight.