Jake Paul Challenged by Vitor Belfort After Knocking Out Evander Holyfield in First Round

by Clayton Edwards

On Saturday, Vitor Belfort dominated boxing legend, Evander Holyfield. Belfort took home a first-round TKO victory over the former heavyweight champion. Now, the Brazilian-born fighter wants a shot at Jake Paul. In his eyes, someone needs to teach the YouTuber a lesson about respecting the sport. Belfort believes he’s the man for the job.

In a post-fight interview, the interviewer asked Belfort, “If you had a list-,” the fighter cut him off. “Jake Paul,” he said without hesitation. Belfort said that Paul picks his opponents and fights solely for attention. Belfort went on to say that if he says no, all of Jake’s “little fans,” are going to turn to him. The fighter went on to say that he would start his own YouTube channel to take Paul’s subscribers. “I have three amazing athletes in my house. We’re going to entertain all of his fans because he doesn’t have morals, he doesn’t have family values. I think he doesn’t represent the fighters.”

Adding a little more bravado to his challenge to Jake Paul, Vitor said, “Someone needs to give him a whip. That’s me.” Then the interviewer asked if he felt like he was coming from the position of a teacher. Belfort said, “I’m his father. I’ll put him on my lap. He’s gonna meet daddy. He’s gonna meet big daddy.” When asked if he would make the YouTuber call him “big daddy,” in the ring, Belfort said, “You watch. I promise you.”

The interviewer asked Vitor if he watched Jake Paul fight Tyron Woodley. He replied, “I don’t buy those pay-per-views. I don’t waste my money, I watch fighters. Real fighters.”

If Jake Paul doesn’t see this challenge as a reason to get in the ring, Belfort sweetened the deal. He’s putting $30 million on the table in a winner-take-all wager.

How Does Belfort Stack Up to Jake Paul’s Other Opponents?

Jake Paul claims to be a boxer but has never faced a boxer in the ring. He’s squared off against YouTubers, MMA fighters, and a retired NBA star.

Many fight fans remember Vitor Belfort as an MMA fighter. He was the light heavyweight and heavyweight champion in UFC. He also competed under PRIDE Fighting, Cage Rage, and Strikeforce. Belfort trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Carlson Gracie, according to People Pill. However, before he trained in BJJ, Belfort was a boxer. He showed that he has what it takes to make it in the boxing ring against Holyfield on Saturday.

At this time, Jake Paul has not publicly answered Belfort’s widely publicized challenge. Only time will tell if the YouTuber will step in the ring with the Phenom or how he will stack up against someone trained in the sweet science.