Jake Paul Challenges Tim Tebow, Says ‘Time For You to Get Into Boxing’

by Josh Lanier

Jake Paul wants Tim Tebow to climb into the ring. The YouTuber turned boxer tweeted this week that he thinks the former quarterback should take up the fight game now that he’s out of the league.

Jake Paul has spent the week since beating Tyron Woodley Sunday trolling to keep his name in the headlines. He retired only to unretire a day later. He called out Conor McGregor. Now, he’s turning his focus to the former Heisman Trophy winner.

“Aye @TimTebow I think it’s time for you to get into boxing?!” he tweeted Wednesday.

Tebow hasn’t responded as of publication. It’s unlikely he’ll be baited into a Twitter spat with Paul. But it does raise an interesting question: What’s next for Tim Tebow?

He’d hoped to make an NFL comeback as a tight end this season with the Jacksonville Jaguars. But the team released the former quarterback during the preseason. He also said he’s done with baseball after several seasons toiling in the Mets farm system.

Most believe he’ll become a football coach next. Though, Tebow hasn’t said what his plans are. Sports bookies say celebrity boxing isn’t out of the picture for Tebow. In fact, some say he’s very likely to end up on the canvas in the near future.

Tebow isn’t the only one with an unsure future. Jake Paul is also trying to maneuver a tricky crossroads in his career.

Who Will Jake Paul Fight Next?

Jake Paul is cagey on his next opponent. Tyron Woodley says their rematch is a “done” deal, but no one from Paul’s camp hasn’t confirmed that. Tommy Fury thinks it’s him, but Paul has repeatedly blown him off. Paul still wants to fight McGregor. He said last week that he got into boxing with the hope of one day taking on The Notorious One. The Irishman doesn’t seem interested.

Whoever it is, Paul will need to continue to prove he’s not a novelty act.

“It should someone who has the ability to make people believe that they can beat Jake Paul,” Paul’s adviser Nakisa Bidarian told ESPN. “He’s at a level now where he can’t have easy fights. Every fight has to elevate given the type of attention he commands, given the pay-per-view box-office power he has and the relationship that he has with Showtime. We love, love, love fighting MMA opponents. Not because they’re easy, because they’re not. Tonight showed that. But it engages two different segments of the population.”

That’s why Tebow is an unlikely next opponent for Paul. He only meets half of that criteria. He’s not a fighter, but he’s massively popular with a segment of the population that likely is unfamiliar with Jake Paul.

Paul is a major draw on his own, though. He and Woodley both earned $2 million in Sunday’s fight. However, that doesn’t include the money they’ll make from pay-per-view buys, which most believe will be massive.