Jake Paul Makes Bet with Tyron Woodley Before Boxing Match: Loser Gets Winner’s Name Tattooed

by Madison Miller

Jake Paul may be a newer addition to the boxing world, but he’s willing to make it a permanent part of his life.

The YouTuber turned boxer has recently gotten into fighting and has been calling out some of the biggest names to take him on in the ring.

According to ESPN, his next big match is against Tyron Woodley in Cleveland at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse on August 29. Paul is taking on quite the competitor, too. Tyron Woodley is the former UFC welterweight champion and is easily the toughest competitor Paul has faced in the ring to date.

Paul has last taken on Ben Askren, whom he knocked out in April in the first round of the fight. Woodley is a friend and teammate of Askren and was rooting for him in the pay-per-view event.

Now, the two fighters are increasing the stakes for the upcoming Showtime fight. In a recent video from a promotional press conference, the two agreed that the loser of the contest would have to get “I love (other person’s name)” tattooed on their body. They would also have to take a picture of it and post it on their Instagram account for millions of people to see.

Not surprisingly, Paul suggested the idea. However, Woodley agreed to the bet in only a matter of seconds.

Some of Paul’s other competitors include Nate Robinson and Ali Eson Gib, meaning he is currently 3-0. But Paul is facing a fighter who is No. 11 in the USA Today welterweight rankings. He’s also 19-7-1 in the MMA and 9-6-1 in the UFC.

Jake Paul and Conor McGregor

Despite having an upcoming fight lined up, Jake Paul is always trying to wrangle in professional fighters with a good amount of internet trolling.

Jake Paul was there to watch Conor McGregor lose to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 on Saturday. The fight ended with a doctor’s stoppage after McGregor suffered a gruesome leg injury in the first round.

After watching McGregor lose first-hand, Paul took to Twitter to roast the fighter. He called him “SLEEPY MCGREGOR” and also said, “My new offer for Conor Mcgregor is $23 dollars.” Paul had previously offered $50 million for a boxing match against the popular boxer.

Now, that seems to be off the table.

He’s instead offering to send over a $100,000 chain to Dustin Poirier. It depicts McGregor out cold after a knockout in the second round with Poirier back in January. The “sleepy McGregor” chain was created by Benny The Jeweler.

According to TMZ, McGregor has ignored Paul and his antics. He did dismiss both him and his brother, Logan, as “dingbats.”

“McGregor you better win tonight, otherwise we’re not gonna be able to fight, because if you lose your career is over. And, that $50 million offer I gave you won’t be on the table anymore,” Paul said.