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Jake Paul Says He’s ‘Over’ Tyron Woodley After He Didn’t Follow Through With Tattoo Bet

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley fight is a thing of the past. The fight was incredibly close, but Jake Paul ended up being crowned as the winner.

For Paul, he’s even more over it now.

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley Disagreement

Before the fight happened both Paul and Woodley agreed on a crazy pre-fight bet. The loser was supposed to get a tattoo in the ring that night. That means Woodley would have an “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo, which, of course, is less than ideal.

Tyron Woodley, however, has been refusing to get that agreed-upon tattoo. That means the odds of seeing a rematch are slowly dwindling. That rematch would likely bring in a lot of viewers, too. The initial match, according to MMA Fighting, had 500,000 pay-per-view buys.

Paul is looking to move on from it all though.

”I’m over it. I’m leaving Tyron in the past. He didn’t live up to the bet — he didn’t get the tattoo. So, the rematch just doesn’t make sense anymore,” Paul told ESPN.

Jake Paul won the August 30 fight by a split decision, which is why the urge for a rematch is so strong. Woodley is holding out on getting the tattoo because he’s hoping to still get another shot against the YouTuber-turned-boxer. For Jake Paul, however, a bet is a bet.

Possible Other Components for Paul

Now that Paul is apparently leaving Woodley in the past, he’s looking to up his 4-0 record even more. Paul is teasing possibly going against MMA star Victor Belfort. Belfort recently went up against former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield and walked away victorious.

Apparently, Triller Fight Club is looking to create some kind of enticing deal for the fighters. The club is offering an alleged $30 million winner-take-all purse for the night.

Jake Paul, however, doesn’t quite see how that could be a reality.

“It could be a possibility. But honestly, Triller doesn’t have that money. There’s no possible way. It’s just a smart play on their end. It’s not really that interesting of a fight, in my opinion. Vitor, again, is old and washed up. He was a big name at one point, but not for this sort of new combat sports world. He’s a little bit too old. It’s not that exciting. He’s an easier fight than Tyron. So, I don’t know,” Paul said to ESPN.

Jake Paul is often criticized on social media for taking on opponents that are “washed up” or are not at the same level of professional competition he’s looking to get into. Woodley was by far the most challenging component he’s brought into the ring.

So if Vitor isn’t Paul’s ideal component, who is he looking to take into the ring next? Many people are thinking that Tommy Fury is next up. He is the half-brother of WBC and The Ring heavyweight Tyson Fury. Tommy Fury was in the undercard bout and beat Anthony Taylor, bumping up his record to 7-0.

The two had a heated confrontation at the fight and Fury is definitely a worthy component. He’s had 12 amateur fights and a lot of experience sparring with his family.

Jake Paul and Conor McGregor have gone back and forth on social media as well. So that’s always a possibility in the future.