Jake Paul Says Brother Logan is ‘F–ked Against Floyd,’ Is a Fake Fighter

by Will Shepard

Logan Paul has been making headlines lately for his rambunctious way of calling people out who he wants to fight next. That strategy actually paid off for Paul as Floyd Mayweather accepted a fight with him.

Now, however, his brother Jake Paul is saying that his brother, Logan, is going to get demolished by Mayweather. It seems that regardless of the fact the two are siblings, Jake Paul is going to tell people exactly what he feels.

The two Paul brothers have been making a living telling people exactly how they feel about anything and everything. So, this comes as no surprise that Jake Paul thinks Logan Paul is going to lose the fight quickly.

Jake Paul, recently fought former NBA star Nate Robinson and also knocked him out. But, in a video from TMZ Sports, he thinks his brother, Logan, doesn’t stand a chance against Mayweather. Floyd Mayweather is widely considered to be the greatest boxer of all time.

Logan Paul Is Not Getting Support From his Brother, Jake

Mayweather has a professional boxing record of 50-0-0. His nickname is “The Best Ever.” He has famously only ever been knocked down once in the ring, and that was most likely by accident. Nonetheless, he is stepping in the ring against Logan Paul, ready to improve to 51-0-0.

“My brother’s f—ed. It’s bad for the sport. I think it’s just for clout.”

Jake Paul isn’t the only person saying that Logan Paul is going to lose badly. Canelo Alvarez also says that the Paul brother stands no chance against Mayweather. Alvarez says that there is no respect in it for either person.

But, Jake Paul thinks that he is the only person in their family who could even stand a chance against him. In truth, he might be right. Jake Paul has a 3-0 record, while Logan has never won a fight. Nonetheless, Jake is wishing his brother luck.

“I wish him the best of luck. I just like – don’t get in there with a guy who’s never even been knocked out. He’s been knocked down once, and it was by accident.”

This fight is an exhibition match taking place next month. The betting lines open as incredibly lopsided. Mayweather opens as the clear favorite, at -5,000.