Jake Paul in Talks with Nate Diaz for Fight: ‘He Wants to Do It’

by Madison Miller

Jake Paul has started to create a name for himself in the boxing world. At least, he has said he won’t stop until he is the “biggest prizefighter in the world.” It’s partially because of his image as an influencer, but likely even more because he’s willing to challenge just about anyone to a fight.

The most recent target for Jake Paul is the ex-UFC star, Ben Askren. The fight will be on April 17 and will be the main event of Triller’s Fight Club.

Jake Paul Versus Nate Diaz

However, facing an ex-UFC star just isn’t enough to fill the YouTuber’s quota.

Paul recently told Heavy that the person he’s looking to fight next is Nate Diaz. He said that he is already talking to Diaz’s team to create a megafight boxing match between the two. According to Paul, Diaz is on board. However, there is no official word from Diaz or his team on the matter yet.

Diaz is a current UFC fighter. He has the second most UFC bonus awards with 15 in total. He and Conor McGregor held the highest record for UFC pay-per-view buy rate for their contest at UFC 202. Although, now this record has been broken by UFC 229.

Diaz’s most recent fight was against Jorge Masvidal in November 2019. He lost the fight after doctors stopped the matchup due to Diaz having a cut over his right eye.

Paul, who has also been eager to get into the ring with Conor McGregor, is trying to take on the biggest names in boxing. Is his status as a YouTuber enough to get him there?

Would the Fight Get Approval?

As of right now, Diaz is under a contract with the UFC still. However, Paul is hoping that when his contract is over he will be able to schedule a fight with him.

“He has two more fights with the UFC apparently. So we’ll see what happens. If he frees up from the UFC, that’s the fight,” Paul said to Heavy.

However, the biggest obstacle will be whether UFC President Dana White gives the match the green light.

Paul’s next fight with Ben Askren had to be approved first, since the fighter is still under a contract with UFC.

Despite Diaz’s experience and skill, Paul is not the least bit concerned. He rarely is, despite being an amateur rookie going against serious professionals. His biggest move before and during a fight is his ability to run his mouth.

“Diaz started talking s*** to me. Bro, Diaz is a punching bag. The guy just goes into fights and walks forward … He’s tough, but a lot of guys are tough. So the Diaz fight makes sense, and he’ll get tatted up,” Paul said.

Although some criticize Jake Paul for getting into boxing and taking some “respect” from the game, others disagree.

For example, iconic fighter Mike Tyson supported YouTubers like Paul and his brother, Logan Paul, for bringing boxing into the spotlight again.

“My ego says so many things, but my reality is that they help boxing so much. Boxing owes these guys. They owe these YouTube guys some respect. … These guys make boxing alive,” Tyson said, according to ESPN.

H/T: Heavy