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Jake Paul and Tommy Fury’s Fight Finally Has a Date

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Finally! The fight everyone has wanted to see Jake Paul take on is scheduled. Tommy Fury will face off with the YouTube star on December 18. The fight will take place in Tampa, FL, and should draw plenty of eyes.

While these are two fighters that both have limited experience, there is a difference between the two. Paul has yet to fight an actual boxer. His last win by decision was perhaps his most impressive victory when he won over Tyron Woodley. However, many fans were just left with the image of Paul in the ropes. Not to mention, he didn’t schedule a rematch with Woodley. This Fury fight is likely why that rematch has not been scheduled.

Outside of Woodley, Jake Paul doesn’t have much of a resume in the ring. Tommy Fury doesn’t have a 20 fight career either. However, he has fought other boxers. Not to mention, Fury is the younger brother of arguably the best boxer in the world right now, Tyson Fury. While Tommy stands at just 6-feet-tall compared to his brother at 6-9, he looks every bit the part.

Paul weighed around 190 lbs when he took on Woodley. Meanwhile on the undercard of that fight, Fury weighed in at just 179 lbs. Technically a light-heavyweight, it will be interesting to see what the weight agreement is here. This could be a moment that the 24-year-old Paul proves himself in the sport. Or, the 22-year-old Fury could finally do what no one has done yet. Beat Jake Paul.

Jake Paul, Tommy Fury Have Words for Each Other

Of course, the trash talk is already starting. When Fury won his last fight on the Paul-Woodley undercard, he called out the YouTuber turned boxer. That has not stopped. Jake Paul is claiming that he has been in camp for seven weeks already.

“Yo baby, we’re signed. December 18,” Paul said. “I have been in camp for seven weeks already, waiting for this loser to sign. He has just got to camp in Vegas! It is over. See you all soon.”

On the other end of things, Tommy Fury is also full of confidence and issuing a warning to his opponent ahead of their bout in December.

“Jake Paul is about to learn a serious life lesson. This is my world and he doesn’t belong here,” Fury said. “I’m not one of these MMA men or basketball players. I have been boxing my whole life. I will show the world the difference between a YouTuber and a real fighting man.”

For the young British fighter, the stakes are high. His father John and brother Tyson have said that he will no longer be considered a Fury if he loses to Paul. With that kind of weight on his shoulders, Fury is going to be showing his best against Jake Paul in just under two months.