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Jake Paul Trolling Conor McGregor, Only Follows His Fiancé on Instagram

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

YouTube sensation and boxer Jake Paul wants to fight Conor McGregor and is now making things personal.

Paul unleashed a profanity-laced rant earlier this week in which he demanded a fight with the Irishman McGregor. Paul took his efforts to obtain a fight with McGregor to a new level and did so on social media. On Monday, sports fans noticed that Paul only follows one person on one of his Instagram — McGregor’s fiancé Dee Devlin.

Paul is no stranger to controversy, and it does not appear anyone is surprised by his antics in taunting the UFC fighter.

Jake Paul Offers up Big Money to Fight McGregor

In the video. Paul says he is offering McGregor and his team $50 million to accept his challenge to fight. He also calls McGregor and UFC President Dana White scared to face him in a sanction bout.

“Conor, you’re scared,” he says in the video. “Dana (White), you’re scared. Sign the f**king contract, you idiots.”

The YouTuber, who has a professional boxing record of 2-0, then offers up the large sum of cash to take the fight. He later says he has the funds to back up the expensive contract if McGregor accepts the challenge. While sitting in his Lamborghini, he hurls profanity and taunts at both White and McGregor.

“My team sent you a $50 million dollar offer this morning — 50 million dollars cash and proof of funds,” he says. “It’s the biggest fight offer you’ve ever been offered.”

Despite his efforts, the two fighters like won’t meet up for a heavily anticipated match. McGregor currently has his sites set on Daniel Poirer. The two foes will square off against each other next month as the marquee event for UFC 257.

Earlier this month, Dana White spoke out about the possibility of a matchup between Paul and McGregor. The UFC president does not seem confident whatsoever that will take place. Read what Dana White said here.

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