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Jason Isbell Celebrates Charlie Morton’s Deal With Atlanta Braves, Walk-Up Song to Play in ‘Proper Rafters’

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

It looks like country singer and longtime Atlanta Braves fan Jason Isbell is finally getting his wish.

On Tuesday, the MLB announced that former Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Charlie Morton signed a $15 million deal when he signed with the Atlanta Braves.

Jason Isbell was quick to give his stamp of approval when he tweeted out, writing, “It was meant to be! Finally my song will ring from the proper rafters!”

Before the deal, Morton pitched for the Tampa Bay Rays. During his season, he used Isbell’s “Palmetto Rose” as his walkout song.

The two seem to be mutual fans of one another. Back in October, Isbell mentioned Morton’s use of the song when he replied to another user. Tweeting out, “It’s one thing to watch the TB Rays move along in the postseason. It’s an entirely different level of special hearing Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit over the loudspeakers during warmups! Love and miss u guys!”

To which Isbell replied with, “Gotta be Charlie Morton out there representing.”

Charlie Morton & Jason Isbell: Kindred Spirits

Isbell and Morton may be more similar than we think. The Tampa Bay Times notes that Morton began teaching himself guitar 19 years ago while he was starting his baseball career. Now 35, he’s written around a dozen songs, even though he can’t read music.

Morton says Isbell is his favorite songwriter. He also considers Lynyrd Skynyrd to be his favorite band and Stevie Ray Vaughan as his favorite guitarist.

If the baseball career doesn’t pan out, Morton’s definitely got a shot in the country music scene. In 2006 Morton sang at a fellow player’s wedding. He wrote a special song for the groom, Chuck James, a former teammate of Morton’s on the Atlanta Braves minor league team.

He also took the stage at a “Pirates Fan Fest” a few years back, where the following two songs were captured.